Here is a list of Javelins that appear in Secret of Mana.

Name Attack Special Location
Pole Dart 2 Undine
Javelin 6 Defeat Kilroy
Light Trident 12 Good against animals/beasts Matango
Lode Javelin 17 Balloons enemies Defeat Minotaur
Fork of Hope 24 Good against evil/undead Defeat Mech Rider 2
Imp's Fork 30 Balloons enemies Defeat Lime Slime
Elf's Harpoon 38 +1 intelligence/+1 Wisdom Defeat Snap Dragon
Dragon Dart 47 Good against Dragons Defeat Axe Beak
Valkyrian 53 The Ultimate Javelin Rare drop from Whimper


Like the whip, the Javelin seems to be a useful long ranged weapon. However, the main difference between the whip and Javelin is that it only hits one enemy at a time, like the bow. Because of this, the whip may be more useful than the Javelin. Its is also difficult to get the Ultimate Javelin since Whimpers are quite rare in the Mana Fortress.

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