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For the landmark as it exists in Sword of Mana, see Jadd (Sword of Mana).
"Look for a grove of palm trees... and always remember the number 8."
—Jadd citizen

Jadd (ジャド, Jado?) is a town in Final Fantasy Adventure and its direct remake Adventures of Mana.


Final Fantasy Adventure and Adventures of Mana[]

When Sumo arrives at the entrance to Jadd, he tells the Chocobo to wait for him at the entrance. Sumo searches for Amanda alone and learns that Jadd is ruled by Davias who lives in the huge mansion in the northwest of town. The townfolk are not very fond of him. Sumo goes to meet him nonetheless, and he is warned by Davias that he had best behave himself while he is in town. Sumo then asks Davias about Amanda, to which the former replies that the latter, a "foolish girl", has gone to the Shifting Sands. Davias also mentions that none who have entered the Shifting Sands have returned alive.

Only the blood-red tears of a gorgon can break a curse, according to several townsfolk, so Amanda may have gone to the cave in order to capture Medusa, who dwells within. None know where the entrance is, except for a young boy who will give up what he knows in exchange for the fangs of a Saurus. Sumo successfully procures a charm of Saurus fangs and gives it to the boy. He then heads for the Shifting Sands with the boy's clue about palm trees and the number eight committed to memory.

Sumo catches up with Amanda at the entrance of a grotto; and from there, the two agree to find Medusa's lair and slay the gorgon to free her brother Lester from the curse Davias laid upon him. They eventually come to a basin deep within the cave, from which Medusa engages them. She is soon vanquished, but refuses to give up her tears before passing into the hereafter. All is thus presumed for naught, but Amanda was bitten at some point in the battle and will soon become a gorgon herself. With the last of her humanity, Amanda pleads with Sumo to end her misery, to which Sumo obliges despite his own reservations. As she falls, a single bloody tear runs along Amanda's cheek.

Having caught the gorgon tear, Sumo returns to Jadd and goes to see Davias in his chamber. With Davias not there, Sumo uses the tear on the parrot and Lester is released from the curse. Lester thanks him, but Sumo breaks the news that Amanda sacrificed herself to save him. He asks Sumo if he will help him avenge his sister with him, and he agrees. The pair venture deeper into the Old Mansion. When they reach the roof, Davias taunts them, then transforms into the Mind Flayer. Even with its immensely powerful magic at its disposal, Sumo and Lester emerge victorious. Before dying, Davias gives an ominous warning about his pet, Garuda, on its way to Crooked Boulder.

After Davias' defeat, Lester tells Sumo that his harp's tune will clear the poison gas in the northern cliffs and he will stay in Jadd playing a requiem for his sister. Sumo bids him farewell and leaves Jadd to continue his journey. As a parting gift, Lester gives him the Magic Book of Silence.

After Julius's defeat, Sumo visits Lester in Jadd.




Jadd Inn
10 GP

Weapons and armor[]

Name Type Stat Change Cost
Gold Helm
Headgear DEF +14 683
Gold Shield
Shield Fire/Ranged/Pierce resist up 920
Gold Armor
Armor DEF +16 1300


Name Qty Use Cost
4 Open locked doors 15
3 Removes poison 30
Eye Drops
3 Removes darkness 60
7 Breaks soft rock and weak walls 60
Gold Needle
3 Removes petrification 90
Mole Whiskers
3 Reverts from moogle 120
2 Restores more HP 160



  • The player can kill the NPCs found within the town, but they have lot of HP and they do not yield the player any experience points or GP. Since NPCs can be hit, this can be used to "push" them out of the player's way and allow Sumo to pass through if they are blocking the way.
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