The Imperial Palace is a dungeon in Secret of Mana. An unrevisitable location, it is located in Northtown.

Story[edit | edit source]

After clearing the Northtown Ruins, Randi, Primm, and Popoi are invited to the Imperial Palace along with Krissie and the Resistance by Emperor Vandole, who wants to begin peace talks. It turns out to be a trap, however, and both the party and the Resistance members who show up are arrested and imprisoned in a cell beneath the palace. The guards release the party and shove them in a pit, which they can escape after defeating the Metal Mantis. They must then free the Resistance and find their way through the palace to confront the emperor.

Geshtar sets the Imperial Palace on fire after losing the battle on the roof, but King Truffle arrives with the Flammie Drum and summons Flammie to fly the party to safety. If the party tries to return to the palace after it burns down, the same barricade that prevents them from entering before Vandole sends his invitation will block their path.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

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