Hydra Alpha and Beta

Hydra, like the other Hydras in the Mana series, has two heads and fears Salamander/Salamando. After defeating Hydra, You receive a weak Undine that requires fresh water to heal.


  • HP: 170
  • Power: 19
  • Intelligence: 18
  • Defense: 9
  • Mind: 16
  • Agility: 10
  • Experience: 15


Surprisingly, if you have been training hard enough, this is not that difficult of a battle. If you are about Level 20 or so, depending on what field you have been training in, you should be okay. But this is not a battle you want to rush head on into and attack close range. No, attempt to attack from afar and use the Bow or Flail, your call. Salamander does great damage to Hydra, but only if you have been training yourself as a Magic user and all. Again, if you do use Salamander, make sure the Bow is Equipped so you can release a long range Magic Attack. Anyway, just do your best from afar and heal yourself if you need to using Wisp. The only attacks of Hydras to watch out for is it can cause Poison and Snow Man on you and both attacks deal a fair share of damage, so stay away at all costs. Keep your assault up, though and afterwards, you will come through.

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