Honey Elixir, also known as Royal Jam, is a recurring item in the Mana series. When consumed, it restores all HP.

Trials of Mana Edit

Honey Elixir (Honey Drink in the fan translation) is an item in Trials of Mana.

Honey Drink SD3SNES version

Honey Elixir2 TOM3D version

  • Function : Restore all HP for one ally.
  • Where to buy : Most stores
    • Buy : 100 L
    • Sell : ?

Sword of Mana Edit

  • Buy: N/A
  • Sell: 250
  • Use: Heal all HP. The best way to heal, but not easy to come by. There are only two that can be found in Chests in the entire game, and the only enemies that drop it are Rare Monsters.


Chest: Mana Temple (x2)

Monster: Gray Ox (56%), Wooding (56%), Sand Scorpio (56%), Silkspitter (56%), Silkspitter (56%), Tyrranos (56%), Garuda (56%), Big Baby (56%), Machine Golem (56%), Ape Mummy (56%), Wormwood (56%), Land Dragon (56%)

Other: Give Clive a Honey Onion, Diceberry, and Honey. Clive appears in the Wendel General Store, Jadd Inn, and Lorimar Castle.

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