The Hero/Heroine's Home (マイホーム Mai hōmu, lit. My Home) is a Land from Legend of Mana. The abode of the Hero/Heroine, Home is the vantage point at which they begin their adventure in the world of Fa'Diel. Home boasts an entire bevy of features that the Hero/Heroine is able to utilise at their disposal once unlocked, including a Monster Corral, an orchard, an equipment workshop, an instrument workshop and a Golem laboratory.



Home Expansion ArcEdit

The Mana OrchardsEdit

The Monster CorralEdit

Instruments 101Edit

Path of the BlacksmithEdit

Golem Go Make 'emEdit

Jumi ArcEdit

The Lucky CloverEdit


Bud and Lisa's ArcEdit

The Two SorcerersEdit

The Seven WisdomsEdit

Daddy's BroomEdit

Li'l CactusEdit

Tree of Mana ArcEdit

The Cage of DreamsEdit


Basic OverviewEdit

Land Artifact Mana Levels LoM Land Encyclopaedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Home Sprite
LoM AF Mailbox Sprite

LoM Overworld Wisp Sprite LoM Mana Meter Wisp 1
LoM Overworld Shade Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Dryad Sprite LoM Mana Meter Dryad 1
LoM Overworld Aura Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Salamander Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Gnome Sprite LoM Mana Meter Gnome 1
LoM Overworld Jinn Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Undine Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank

Home sweet home!
Your home is comfortably located near a great tree, surrounded by nature.
Many visitors come and go.


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