Holy Ball.gifHoly Bolt (ホーリーボール Hōrī bōru) is a light-elemental spell from Trials of Mana.


It deals small light-elemental damage to single or multiple enemies.

It costs 2 MP to cast in the fan translation and 5 MP in the 2020 remake.

When cast upon a standalone enemy, two concentric rings comprising of a series of light spheres will swivel around them. They thereafter transform into a single pinnacle of light, that which recedes as it hones in on the enemy before dissipating.

On the other hand, when cast upon all enemies on a given battlefield, the same pair of rings will similarly be contrived, that which will expand to fill the perimeters of the immediate vicinity. They then proceed to recede before exploding into a crescendo of gargantuan light orbs that fill up the entirety of the immediate vicinity before fading away.


Character Class Requirement Minimum Stat Single or Multi-Target
Angela Magician 6 Intelligence (SNES version) Single
Charlotte Priestess
6 Intelligence (SNES version)

Item equivalence

Item Power (3D) Available at Cost (2D) Cost (3D) Single or Multi-Target
Light Coin2 TOM.pngLight Coin 100 Night Market 22 100 Multi

Notable users

Holy Ball is used by a number of boss enemies, including the likes of Fullmetal Hugger, Lightgazer, Goremand, Heath and the Crimson Wizard.


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