Holy BallHoly Bolt (ホーリーボール Hōrī bōru) is a Light spell hailing from Seiken Densetsu 3. The most basic of all Light spells, Holy Ball is used by a number of boss enemies, including the likes of Full Metal Haggar, Lightgazer, the Deathjester, Heath and Koren. This spell can also be learnt by Angela and Charlotte, although the requirements differ - While Angela's Intelligence stat must reach 6 in her initial Magician class, Charlotte can only pick up the spell when her Spirit stat reaches 6 in her Priestess class.


When cast upon a standalone enemy, two concentric rings comprising of a series of light spheres will swivel around them. They thereafter transform into a single pinnacle of light, that which recedes as it hones in on the enemy before dissipating.

On the other hand, when cast upon all enemies on a given battlefield, the same pair of rings will similarly be contrived, that which will expand to fill the perimeters of the immediate vicinity. They then proceed to recede before exploding into a crescendo of gargantuan light orbs that fill up the entirety of the immediate vicinity before fading away.


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