"The name's Hawkeye, renowned thief from Nevarl."
—3D selection

Hawkeye (ホークアイ, Hōkuai) (Hawk in the fan-translation) is one of the six main characters of Trials of Mana.

Profile Edit

Physical Apperance Edit

Hawkeye is a young man with tanned skin and dark purple hair with a ponytail with white ribbons and a white headband on his forehead. He wears a sleeveless white underneath his red shirt and black pants with white leg warmers and brown boots and wears white wristbands.


"Eagle... don't worry. I won't let anything happen to Jessica! I have to leave now, but... I will be back to avenge your death, dearest friend, and save your sister! I hope Jessica will stay safe until then..."

Hawkeye is a member of a guild of noble thieves based in the Nevarl, Fortress in the Sand (Navarre in the fan translation). The guild's leader, Lord Flamekhan, suddenly and uncharacteristically declares Nevarl to be a Kingdom. Surprised by this, Hawkeye discusses the matter with his friends and Flamekhan's children, Jessica and Eagle. Hawkeye and Eagle decide to confront Flamekhan about it only to find that he is in the middle of a meeting with his assistant, the witch Isabella, who turns out to be pulling Flamekhan's strings. Isabella (who later reveals that her name is "Belladonna") casts a spell on Eagle to make him attack Hawkeye, who gravely injures Eagle in self-defense. Though Hawkeye manages to snap Eagle out of Isabella's control, she kills him herself and puts all the blame on Hawkeye. He is imprisoned and is awaiting his execution when Isabella informs him that she has given Jessica a cursed necklace; should Hawkeye tell anyone the truth or kill Isabella, the necklace will kill Jessica. Luckily, Hawkeye makes an escape with help from his feline friend Niccolo. Once free of Nevarl, Hawkeye decides to travel to the Holy City Wendel in hopes of finding a way to break the necklace's curse.

Hawkeye shares many story elements with Riesz, who comes from the Wind Kingdom Laurent (Rolante in the fan translation) which is taken over by Nevarl. If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Trials of Mana, the main villain will be the Dark Majesty and the final dungeon will be the Dark Castle.


In Heroes of Mana it is revealed that he is the son of Falcon and Sandarrow, making Flamekhan his Grandfather, Eagle his half-uncle, and Jessica his half-aunt. Flamekhan sees his daughter Falcon as traitor to his people, he however accepts her wish to raise Hawkeye in her stead should something happen to her. He, however, makes it clear that his grandson is dead to him and that he will raise Hawkeye as if he were an orphan with unknown origins.


As a thief, Hawkeye has the highest Agility and Luck stats among the protagonists, giving him an advantage when dodging enemies and opening booby-trapped treasure chests. His standard attacks are unique in that he launches two attacks, which can actually allow him to do more damage than characters that have greater strength than him, provided he can connect with both attacks. After changing classes, Hawkeye gains a variety of other useful abilities. His Light classes use traps, modified throwing items, and a wide variety of Dryad and Luna support spells. His Dark classes allow him to use ninja techniques that lower attributes, cause status effects, and deal damage of the four classical elements.


Below is a list of Hawkeye's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Level Light Dark
L.1 SD3 Hawkeye
L.18 Hawkeye Ranger Sprite
Hawkeye Ninja Sprite
L.38 Hawkeye Wanderer Sprite
Nomad (Wanderer)
(Good Luck DiceLucky Dice)
Hawkeye Rogue Sprite
(Bad Luck DiceWicked Dice)
Hawkeye Ninja Master Sprite
Ninja Master
(Bullseye DicePrecise Dice)
Hawkeye Nightblade Sprite
(Nighteye DiceDusk Dice)
Post-Game (remake only)
ToM-Hawkeye (Class 4 Light)

(Loyal Sphere)

ToM-Hawkeye (Class 4 Dark)

(Loyal Sphere)


Drawn to the natural world and the wild, those of such affinity are those known as Rangers, being those that seek to understand nature and journey throughout the lands beyond civilization. As every adventure into a world beyond men has them learn of nature's workings and order, so do Rangers come to gather great knowledge and wisdom of the outdoors, with understanding of the science of the environment and terrain, and a growing lexicon of each clime and realm's flora and fauna to identify and look out for. As the best of Rangers know that survival is the basest instinct to nature's more ferocious side, so are they wise to arm themselves as well with their study of nature, with traps and magic to help utilize the world around them and further draw upon the power of nature in the heart of the fight.

Nomad (Wanderer)Edit

Adventuring the roads not often traveled, the Nomad is the very class that treads this way of life. Having distanced themselves from the heart of society and heeded a call to nature, the Nomad lives life within the wilderness, learning of the natural world's mysteries and uncovering discoveries that only lie within the depths of its realm. Though they travel in the serenity of the natural world and with an awareness brought about through their solitude, they are also not without knowledge of its many dangers, armed and long wizened with knowing how to survive against such troubles and fight back. Along with expertise in ways of battle, the Nomad has also attained the mystical powers of nature on their travels through learning to commune with the spirits of the natural world, allowing them magic that can aid or hinder in times of strife.


The Rogue is a fighter whose definition is that of a renegade, and comes to travel back and forth between the natural world and the reaches of civilization. A wild and rambunctious lot, the Rogue's actions are not mutual to their beliefs, walking along the lines of "the end justifies the means", and when push comes to shove, to "seize the day" and "the victor is the last one standing". Living life like a day to day struggle to survive, the Rogue employs not just fearsome skills with the knife, but to also utilizing traps and secondhand weaponry with sleight of hand to turn the tables on their enemies, kept in mind to all sorts of foes and to all kinds of situations. Though they live in the straights of "survival of the fittest" and a brutal, nearly merciless disposition, they hold true to what they believe in and have their own definitions of right and wrong.


Taking the thief's underhandedness and trickery into martial application, the ways of the Ninja are those of fighters with battle conduct taken from warriors of another land, renowned for their skills of stealth, deception, and sabotage, allowing them to knock down opposition and defeat enemies without a trace. Further driving their aptitude in fighting and skill is that of their repertoire of secretive and elusive arts known as Ninjutsu that make up their styles and methods, allowing them their proficiency and ferocity in the heat of conflict and tension. Such arts are said to not just comprise of training in the physical and technical, but also that of the mystical; rumored are that Ninja delve into intense spiritual refinement, and come to gain their own ways of magic from this training, from being able to mold and manifest objects purely from their own spiritual energy, to harmonizing and manipulating the natural energy of their surroundings to attack their enemies.

Ninja MasterEdit

Amongst of all ninja, there are only followers, and then there are masters. The Ninja Master follows the path of the ninja with virtue and devotion, finding sincere meaning and solace within the arts of ninjutsu, and leading the way for the next generation of ninja to follow. Dedicated to the end and with the art of war as arcane and storied with their experiences in battle, Ninja Masters know well of tactics, strategy, and the science of chaos and trickery, reinforced with a foothold built upon turning to focusing on mastering the basics and reinforcing the foundations to their ultimate limit. Because of this intense adherence to training, the Ninja Master is able to utilize even the most basic ninjutsu in the most devastating ways, wields blades with such proficiency that makes their attacks seem like a storm of blows, and has mastered the art of stealth to where it is if the darkness is an extension of their abode, allowing them to traverse both the rigid precipices of tight tension and the chaotic battlefield, to fight onward tactfully to victory. Though the art of the ninja is that of deception and subterfuge, only Ninja Masters are honored as the strongest of ninja and follow their own path of rectitude that is forged by their own fists.


Having sought further power to seek the most expedient methods of death onto their targets, the Nightblade is an assassin who has mastered the art of murder. With the ways of the ninja not being enough to satiate the goal of stealing lives, the Nightblade turns to deft methods of concealed weapons, the use of poisons, the purpose of maiming and injury to debilitate and weaken, and even striking the opponent psychologically to turn their fears and imagination against them from afar, before closing in on the kill. Though the Nightblade has turned away from the path of ninja, they keep with them their study of ninjutsu to perform obscured spells that not even ninja know about.

Class StrikesEdit

Below is a list of skill attacks Hawkeye learns across his different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 Poison Dagger
L.18 Swallow Throw
Shadow Slash
L.38 Dance of Roses
Slash Fury
Shadow Menace
(Ninja Master)
Split Slash


Hawkeye is second in the group for having a wide variety of spells and skills at his command, where nearly all of his penultimate classes fill up the Item Ring to its maximum of 10.

As he progresses in his Light paths, the Ranger will give Hawkeye its associated specialties, being traps and nature based magic granted by Dryad and Luna. As he makes his way to his final classes, the Nomad delves more into nature based support magics, allowing him access to spells benefic and malign to statuses, like invisibility and HP boosts to poison and HP reduction, where the Rogue will delve more into offensive based traps and weapon abilities with their own unique effects.

In his Dark paths, the Ninja will grant Hawk offensive ninjutsu fare, from shurikens to elemental jutsu spells allowing both attack and debilitating stat reductions, giving him more of an edge in battle. Making his way to the penultimate Dark classes, the Nightblade will further expand upon its deadliness, making way for underhanded techniques and assassin fare through lethal weapon skills and darker jutsu, where the Ninja Master will further refine upon the Ninja's initial set of magic, allowing them to be used against many.

Below is a table of spells Hawkeye learns across his different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 n/a
L.18 Arrow (SD3)Arrow Rain
Spike FloorSpikes
Sleep FlowerSleep Flower
Body ChangeBody Change
Water JutsuWater Diversion
Fire JutsuFire Diversion
Earth JutsuDirt Diversion
Thunder JutsuThunder Technique
L.38 Poison BubblePoison Bubble
Trans ShapeCrystalline
Life BoosterLunar Radiance
Aura WaveAura Wave
Half VanishHalf-Eclipse
Counter MagicCounter Magic
Energy BallEnergy Ball
Rock FallRockfall
Land MineMines
Silver DartSilver Dart
Cutter MissileHatchet Throw
Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher
Axe BomberAxe Bomber
Grenade BombGrumpkin
Water Diversion++
Fire Diversion++
Dirt Diversion++
Thunder Technique++
(Ninja Master)
Poison MistPoison Cloud
Flame BreathFire Cloud
Blow NeedlesNeedle Shower
Deadly WeaponDeadly Weapon
Black RainDark Rain
  • Note: When Hawkeye changes class into either a Nomad or a Rogue, his Sleep Flower and Body Change spells will be upgraded to be able to target all enemies. Likewise, when he changes class into a Ninja Master, all spells learnt as a Ninja will also be upgraded accordingly.



Hawkeye wields a variety of knives, be it from daggers to even double bladed sets that join at the pommel, akin to thief swords as found in other future Square titles. Later knives as Hawkeye progresses in classes include utilitarian and multi purpose knives as a Ranger, focusing on its nature and foresting theme, while Ninja classes come to bear exotic and class exclusive codenamed knives forged to help them train and fully utilize their secretive ways of Ninjutsu.

Name Cost Location Class
Flint KnifeFlint Knife 30 Starting Weapon --
Dagger (SD3)Dagger 90 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
BaselardBaselard 194 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Rondel DaggerRondel Dagger 234 Byzel, Palo, Jad --
Shark TeethShark Teeth 405 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Steel DaggerSteel Dagger 820 Dark Priest Village --
Misery ChordMisery Chord 1300 Elrand, Sultan, Deen --
QatarQatar 2600 Mintos --
Main GaucheMain Gauche 2795 Mintos Ranger
GarudaGaruda 2900 Mintos Ninja
Crystal (Hawkeye)Crystal 3160 Diorre --
Elf DaggerElf Dagger 3300 Diorre Ranger
AshuraAshura 3195 Diorre Ninja
BluegaleBluegale 3830 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril KnifeMythril Knife 4240 Altena, Deen, Mintos Ranger
YashaYasha 4400 Altena, Deen, Mintos Ninja
BishamonBishamon 7600 Cats --
Field DaggerField Dagger 7870 Cats Ranger
Dancing DaggerDancing Dagger 7735 Cats Ninja
Merkiel DaggerMerkiel Dagger 17230 Cats --
Sylvan KnifeSylvan Knife 17615 Cats Ranger
TaishakuTaishaku 17470 Cats Ninja
Sheol DirkSheol Dirk 18270 Pedan --
Crescent KnifeCrescent Knife 32000 Pedan Ranger
AcalaAcala 32535 Pedan Ninja
Crimson GlareCrimson Glare -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Ranger/Ninja
OrihalconOrichalcon -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Nomad
ManslaughterManslaughter -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Rogue
Kongo RakanKongo Rakan -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Ninja Master
DeathstrokeFinalblow -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Nightblade


Name Cost Location Class
Cotton KiltCotton Kilt 16 Starting Armor --
Black FatigueBlack Fatigue 55 Wendel, Maia --
Camouflage CloakCamouflage Cloak 100 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Thief's CapeThief's Cape 200 Byzel, Palo --
Soft LeatherSoft Leather 234 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Idaten CloakIdaten Cloak 276 Dark Priest Village, Valsena --
Chain GuardChain Guard 630 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre --
Moonbeam CloakMoonbeam Cloak 1300 Mintos --
Elf BreastplateElf Breastplate 1750 Diorre --
Fleetwind CapeFleetwind Cape 2350 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Fluorite PlateFluorite Plate 3155 Cats --
Utsushimi CapeUtsushimi Cape 3480 Cats Ranger
Dark SuitDark Suit 4135 Cats Ninja
Yafuku CuirassYafuku Cuirass 7735 Pedan Ranger
Ninja GarbNinja Garb 7200 Pedan Ninja
Shijima MailShijima Mail -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed --
Phantom CuirassPhantom Cuirass -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Nomad
Silver Wolf PeltSilver Wolf Pelt -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Rogue
Wind Demon MailWind Demon Mail -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Ninja Master
Black GarbBlack Garb -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Nightblade


Name Cost Location Class
Leather HatLeather Hat 42 Maia --
GarravillaGarravilla 194 Jad --
Feather HatFeather Hat 800 Deen --
Faerie HatFaerie Hat 1150 Diorre --
Grizzly GlareGrizzly Glare 2100 Cats --
Black HoodBlack Hood 2865 Cats --
Nocto GogglesNocto Goggles 3630 Pedan --
Fool's CrownFool's Crown -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Ranger/Ninja
Wind Spirit HatWind Spirit Hat -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Nomad
Silver Wolf GlareSilver Wolf Glare -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Rogue
Stealth HoodStealth Hood -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Ninja Master
Bloody MaskRuby Mask -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Nightblade


Name Cost Location Class
Utsusemi EarringsUtsusemi Earrings 75 Valsena --
Thief's ArmbandThief's Armband 160 Jad --
Cobra EarringsCobra Earrings 630 Deen --
Ancient TalismanAncient Talisman 1100 Deen, Mintos --
Tree Spirit RingTree Spirit Ring 2100 Cats Ranger
Mistscreen CharmMistscreen Charm 2050 Cats Ninja
WishboneWishbone -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Ranger/Ninja
Lucky CardLucky Card -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Nomad/Rogue
Stealth CardStealth Charm -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Ninja Master/Nightblade



  • Hawkeye's ultimate weapon for his Nomad Class, the Orichalcon, has its design based on the dagger portion of the Japanese tool, the kyoketsu shoge. In addition, the real life tool itself is also a hint to the Nomad Class, as its name translates "to run about in the fields and mountains". Incidentally, the kyoketsu shoge is known to be a weapon also associated with ninja.
  • Hawkeye's weapons for his Ninja Class, are all derived from the Japanese names of Buddhist deities; this also serves as a reference to the Japanese Buddhism lore of horiki, which was said to be a fantastical power derived from devoted practice of Buddhism said to draw upon the power of the Buddha himself to perform amazing feats, and was also said to have been practiced heavily by ninjas through the worship of the buddha Fudo Myou, who also personified absolute patience and persistence.
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