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Gova (Gorva in the fan translation) is a boss in Trials of Mana. It is fought first aboard the Ghost Ship. In the 3D remake, Gova returns in the Mirage Palace as the final boss of the heroes' gauntlet if Charlotte or Kevin is the Chosen.



Given the difficulty experienced thus far, the player should already be acquainted with stocking supplies like Candy, Chocolate, Medical Herbs, Faerie Walnuts and Cups of Wishes. It is recommended that all are accessible in the Item Ring at all times. If Angela is adventuring, she should have Holy Bolt available. Knight Duran or Charlotte should have Healing Light ready as well.


This will not be an easy fight regardless of active party. Gova will teleport around the arena very rapidly, making it difficult to strike consistently. It attacks with an assortment of dark magic and brings up a pair of ghostly hands to deal with direct attacks. The biggest threat it has is its ability to conjure an army of specters that attack in a straight line. Exploit its weakness to Lumina for an easier victory.

In the 3D version, Gova's barrier trick (the Ghostleader attack) involves sending a fast-moving dark slug squirming across the arena while it is splitting, so take this out to knock Gova down and beat it to a pulp.

Enemy Intel[]

3D Version[]

Gova - Level 25


  • Ghost Hands (no official name) - Draws its hands forwards while opening a portal to utlimately stab target.
  • Twirl Around (No official name) - Twirls its body around the boss arena. Usually hits twice but could be more.
  • Dark Rain [Dark Elemental] - Summons rainfall on a small area.
  • Dark Force + [Dark Elemental] - Summons black holes on a small area. Hit up to three times.
  • Silenced! - Raises its left index finger in the air, creating white will o' wisps that lunge toward target to inflict silence status.
  • Ghostleader - Charge attack; disappears into the ground then plays trumpet on the side of boss area while sending six specters running in a straight line up to four times. You can stun Gova by destroying the dark moving portal on ground.


  • 3290 Lucre
  • 5400 EXP
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