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The Golden Knight is a boss exclusive to the 3D remake of Trials of Mana. He is one of the six trial bosses in Chapter VII, where Duran can challenge him for the Valor Sphere needed to reach Class 4.


Fought after Bruiser in the finals during the post-game sword mastery tournament of Valsena, this is Duran's final challenge before acquiring the valor sphere. After accepting the tournament's final ordeal, Duran is puzzled by the fact that no opponent seems to stand before him and ask Hero King Richard if he is supposed to cross blades with him. Just as his majesty answers, a familiar figure surrounded by a ghostly light advances near the main fighting area. To Duran's bewilderment, the silhouette reveals itself to be none other than his late father Loki, the Golden Knight. He explains that he is here to test what sort of soldier Duran has become and immediately engage him into a duel.

After the tournament, Hero King Richard announces Duran as being the strongest swordsman in the world. Loki, lying on the ground, explains to Duran that he should not worry of his condition since he is no longer part of the living world. He adds that he is proud of being bested by his son and that he cannot ask for more than that. Loki then thanks Richard for all that he's done for him and wish him farewell before being surrounded by a bright light. He entrust Duran of protecting her sister Wendy and slowly fades away as his last words tell of what better way to depart from the living world than being in his son's arms, the greatest swordsman in the land.

Enemy Intel[]

Golden Knight - Level 65[]


  • Dash (No official name) - Brace itself then lunges quickly towards Duran, swinging its sword.
  • Explosion (No official name) - Quickly emit an spherical explosion from its sword, impacting a large area.
  • Thousand Cuts (No official name) - Lunges quickly towards Duran, hitting him with a dozen slashes.
  • Tri-swing (No official name) - Swings its sword three times.
  • Slash (No official name) - Swings its sword once.
  • Glint Slash - Same effect as Duran's Paladin class.
  • Quakebringer - Same effect as Duran's Duelist class.
  • Counterattack - Becomes invulnerable for a short time, then counterattacks.


  • Lucre : 10,000
  • Experience : 33,000

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