Here is the list of Gloves that appear in Secret of Mana.

Name Attack Special Location
Spike Knuckle 2 Purim
Power Glove 6 Good against insects Defeat Biting Lizard
Moogle Claws 11 Puts enemies to sleep Moogle Village
Chakra Hand 17 +1 Intelligence/+1 Wisdom Ice Palace
Heavy Glove 24 Good against insects Defeat Metal Mantis
Hyper-Fist 30 Good against slimes/lizards Palace of Darkness
Griffin Claws 38 Poisons enemies Defeat Red Dragon
Dragon Claws 47 Good against dragons Rare drop from Wolf Lord
Aura Gloves 53 The Ultimate Gloves Rare drop from Wolf Lord


The Gloves, to some players, are worthless. The Moogle Claws and Griffin Claws have some use, inflicting a status on enemies. Like the Axe, getting the ultimate Gloves can be difficult since it is rarer to find Wolf Lords in the Mana Fortress, and twice as many rare drops from them are required just to get two Glove's Orbs.

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