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For the similar location in Sword of Mana, see Granz Castle.

Glaive Castle is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Adventure and its remake Adventures of Mana.


Glaive Castle was built near the world's highest point, in front of the great waterfall said to lead to Mt. Illusia.


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Under the leadership of the Dark Lord, people were enslaved and trained to fight as gladiators for the ruler's personal amusement. He would bring monsters for them to fight every day. Unfortunately, the practice has exacted a great toll on the gladiators themselves; by the time of the story, many have died. Among the fallen is Will, a slave who was friend to fellow gladiators Sumo and Amanda. He received word that the power of mana is under threat, and tells Sumo to meet with a man named Bogard to learn more. Will succumbs to his wounds, but Sumo swears to avenge him. Amanda escapes as well, her fate unknown.

Sumo then fights a second jackal, creating a diversion that allows him to escape the castle. He inadvertently catches up with Dark Lord and his right-hand man Julius as they scheme to reach the Mana Tree and take hold of the power that emanates from it. Though they are stymied, Julius notices Sumo and chases him to a precipice near the waterfall. Sumo is pushed off and falls to the steppe near Topple, otherwise left for dead.

Sumo later returns to the castle where his quest began, in hopes of rescuing Fuji and reclaiming her pendant. After winding through its sewers and lower halls, Sumo encounters a chimera on the battlements and defeats it. Descending the castle's western face, Sumo locates Fuji in a guest room, where she rejoins him.

The pair makes their way to the central tower, where Dark Lord awaits. Before Sumo squares off with his onetime master, Fuji exits stage right. The fated confrontation ends with the Dark Lord's fall. But the pendant he holds is a fake. Unbeknownst to him, Julius has again captured Fuji and has her under his thrall. By the time Sumo catches up, Fuji has recited an incantation to reverse the flow of the falls. Frustrated by Sumo's persistence, Julius again pushes his rival off a cliff before escaping with Fuji.

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  • Glaive Castle Bloodsands
  • Glaive Castle 1F

This is the coliseum where Sumo battles with the Jackal when the story begins.

  • Glaive Castle B1

Prison cells where enslaved gladiators are kept when they are not competing in the coliseum.

  • Glave Castle Moat

Sumo escapes from the coliseum by climbing down a vine during the introduction.

  • Glave Castle Hall
  • Glaive Castle Sewers
  • Glaive Castle Baileys
  • Glaive Castle Barbican (Boss Lair)
  • Glaive Castle 2F
  • Glaive Castle 3F


  • Jackal (Boss) -- introduction only

Note: regular enemies appear only during the second visit

Treasures & Items[]

  • Blood Sword -- In a trap room filled with Dark Stalkers in Glave Castle 2F.
  • Mana Pendant (?) -- Obtained after slaying the Dark Lord.
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