Gilbert is very dramatic poet of love. He searches for love in all everywhere and couldn't find his true love. He breaks up with his 'girlfriends' for weird reasons like he broke up with Monique because she wanted to stay in Lumina and work instead of going on adventures with him. He likes to date mythical people like Monique, Elle, and Kathinja. In 'Gilbert: School Amor', he eventually gets turned to stone by Miss Kathinja and sold by Kristie to the Digger as a statue to keep the cave from caving in. He gets released from the stone spell by Monique, who sung the song of the mermaids that Flameshe taught her. He then continues to seek love after that. 


Gilbert has four quests:

  • Faerie's Light
  • Gilbert: Love is Blind (must be done BEFORE triggering Gilbert: School Amour)
  • Gilbert: School Amour
  • Gilbert: Resume for Love


Faerie's Light:

Go to Lumina. Go to the dot on the right, and head through the arch at the top. Once there, head up some stairs and find Monique's lamp shop. After some conversation, talk to Gilbert outside and say you'll help sell the lamps. Now go to the tavern and talk to the puzzle headed guy to learn the Dudbear language. Now talk to each Dudbear and persuade them to become your friend (until all they say is "Dub"), and say "Dada dadda?" to sell a lamp. After selling each lamp, go back to where Gilbert was, and talk to him to finish the quest.

Gilbert: Love is Blind:

After completing "A Siren's Song", go back to Madora Beach and boink to the lighthouse. Find Elle and recruit her. Now go to Polpota and to the restaurant, and talk to Gilbert. After Elle leaves, go BACK to the lighthouse and talk to Elle. After Gilbert kidnaps Elle (LOL), go to the SS Buccaneer. Go to the captain's room, and after a few scenes, fight the Orc to finish the quest.

Gilbert: School Amour:

This scene has the best line in the game. XD Go to Geo, and to the bar. Hey! Gilly's there, and he's hitting on Kathinja (getting "hard" indeed)! After the scene (LOL), talk to every student (make sure they say they're going back to school) until you get a message saying "Got all students to go back to class!" The event ends as Kathinja turns the poor centaur to stone.

Gilbert: Resume for Love:

In Geo, go to the Palace of Arts and talk to Kristie. Make sure she mentions a horse statue. Head down the stairs and talk to the Gilbert statue. Now, go to the Ulkan Mines and go to the digger's hideout and read the book of poems. The ceiling will start to cave in and Roger mentions the "horse statue". ;D Head up the mines and find the Abandoned room that Gilbert is in (very dark room) and talk to him. Go to Lumina and talk to Monique, and she'll go to Madora Beach... so go there, too. Boink to the lighthouse and Flameshe will recite a spell for Monique to memorize, then disappear. Head BACK to the Ulkan Mines and back to where Gilbert is. Help Monique recite the spell correctly to complete the event.


  • "Yeah, baby! I'm gettin' hard! So hard for you baby!" - Gilbert (to Kathinja, School Amour.)
  • "Penguins get craaaanky because they don't haaaaave giirlfriends!" - Gilbert (Love is Blind.)
  • "I'm not a horse!" - Gilbert (Love is Blind.)


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