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“Gilbert got to travel to a lot of places because he was a stone statue and was sold to those many places. Hey, I think he saved a lot on travel expenses.”
Cactus Diaries, entry 59

"Gilbert: Resume for Love" (ギルバート・愛の履歴書 Girubāto ai no rirekisho, lit. Gilbert Love Resume) is a quest and storyline in Legend of Mana. It is part of a series of events that include Gilbert and the sirens (Sirens and Gilbert's Arc). It revolves around the aftermath of Gilbert's petrification at the hands of Kathinja.


Gilbert will mourn over his acts, specially about his first lover, Monique. He tells he has been sold by a "rabbit-eared merchant" to a "woman of wealth", and is surrounded by sadness, but for have becoming a stone, is incapable of crying. He is reminiscing both his and Monique's childhood, and wishes to sing her a song once again. The event then starts.

Heading for the Ulkan Mines, at the Diggers' Hideout will be a book of poems. Upon reading it, it's author, Roger, will immediately appear. When talking to him again, a rumbling will happen, and the player will get out of the map. Entering the hideout and reading the poem again, Roger will reappear, and this time will tell the Hero/Heroine that the horse statue they bought from Kristie is supporting the falling ceiling, and tells the Hero/Heroine to not move it.

Heading for the Dark Abandoned Room, Gilbert will be found mourning once again. This time, he is mourning over all his pretenders: Monique, Flameshe, Kathinja, Meimei, Elle, Rachel, Miss Yuka . He misses Monique's voice, the beautiful sight of Flameshe, and says he won't be mad at Kathinja for what she has done.

LoM Gilbert Resume for Love Incantation

Monique sings the incantation alongside a support lamp of hers.

At Lumina, Monique will inform she is aware of Gilbert's petrification, and asks the Hero/Heroine if it's true, not believing it in case the answer is no. She gets silent for a moment, but then says it's none of her business, and heads to Madora Beach.

She can be quickly found at the Birdcage Lighthouse, discussing about Gilbert with Elle. She comments he is a weird guy, but mostly probably due to her gentle nature, agrees he should be helped. They wonder what can be done until Flameshe arrives at the scene. She greets both her friends and asks why Monique is there, immediately questioning were they talking about Gilbert, and is clearly unpleased about, to which Monique now responds quite aggressively. Flameshe disappears, but reappears again shortly. Though she has distaste of her friend's lover, she decides to teach Monique an incantation that lifts "any curse, if cast by the cursed one's most beloved". Elle complains it is too long, to which Flameshe does not seem to care about. The siren comments that although the mermaid is a kind girl, she can be too harsh sometimes.

Back at the Mines, Monique will be trying to sing the incantation, but she is unable to remember it all. By getting the right incantation, she is able to bring Gilbert back from the curse. He timidly thanks her.

LoM Gilbert Resume for Love End

LoM Cactus Diaries 59


Talk to the pelican in front of your Home to start quest.


Note : Gilbert must be taken from the city gate and in basement of the Palace of Arts (Talk to Alex in the Geo jewelry shop)

Quests unlocked[]


Enter Geo. Go to the Palace of Arts (Kristie’s Place). Go to the Lower Right of the room and search the statue.

Enter the Ulkan Mines and use the Dudbear Express. Read the book of poems and Roger will come and stop you. Talk to him to start a rumblin’. Re-enter the mines, take the Dudbear Express again, and read the book again. Talk to Roger and follow these directions:

  • Left
  • Down
  • Left
  • Up
  • Up at save statue
  • Up
  • Up
  • Search the statue

Enter Lumina. Go to Monique’s Lamp Shop and talk to her.

Enter Madora Beach. Go to the Lighthouse and watch the scenes.

Enter the Ulkan Mines and return to the statue. Help her cast the spell with the following dialogue choices.

The spell: “Heavens bless the earth with life-giving showers of rain. The ancient memories of Mother Earth fill our souls with bliss. Know the truth that is the ultimate tower of energy for all.”

A with life...
B The ancient memories...
B ...of Mother Earth fill...
A ...the pillar of...
A ...and know the...



Journal Entry[]

59 - Resume for Love - Can anyone re-fleshify Gilbert?



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