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“My master went to the sea and tried sinking a ship by singing. The ship didn't sink, but if they really believed that the ship would sink that way, I'd need to make them see a doctor.”
Cactus Diaries, entry 65

"Gilbert: Love is Blind" (ギルバート・愛の航海 Girubāto ai no kōkai, lit. Gilbert: Love Voyage) is a quest and storyline in Legend of Mana. It is part of a series of events that include Gilbert and the sirens (Sirens and Gilbert's Arc).


At the "Sea's Bounty Restaurant" in Polpota, Gilbert will be roaming around, until he notices Elle. He immediately mistakes her for Monique. Elle will say her name, and remark she is friends with Monique, asking to the centaur who he is. Gilbert presents himself as "a poet of LOVE!", and immediately starts pampering Elle, who does not hold back on cutting off his advances. However, as always, Gilbert is insistent. Elle will leave the group and go back to Madora. The event then starts.

Gilbert is adamant on his new love, and states that in a new love song he is about to make about him and Elle, and says he will show it to the Hero/Heroine as soon as it is completed.

Upon returning to the Birdcage Lighthouse at Madora Beach, Flameshe will be there, talking to Elle. She asks her if is she will stop singing outside, to which she responds affirmatively, not wanting to sink any more ships. Flameshe retorts, telling her to let them sink, and that "humans should swim or fly, like we do". She continues, fervently, saying they do not own the rights to the sea. Elle agrees quietly to anything she says, saying "I know". This irritates Flameshe, who calls out Elle for that, to which Elle apologizes. Flameshe tells her not to apologize, since it's who she is.

LoM Gilbert Love is Blind Elle Run

Elle tries to run of Gilbert's proclaims of love, unsuccessfully.

Suddenly, Gilbert arrives at the entrance of the Birdcage, to which Flameshe immediately questions "what the heck is that". Elle tells her he is Monique's ex-boyfriend. Flameshe remarks it apparently does not matter if Elle sings or not, she is still "a natural magnet to weird things and people", using this as an argument her singing probably had nothing to do with the shipwreck. The player may then take her along.

Gilbert will be outside, ablaze with Elle's return. She immediately remarks she has not go out to see him though. Gilbert is insistent, telling her she is just feeling "pre-love symptoms", to which she disagrees. Flameshe appears, and tells her to just say to him already she hates him. Gilbert promptly addresses Flameshe's presence, saying she is as beautiful as Elle, and that if he had a clone of himself, "he would be in love with you". Yet, he comes back for Elle, saying she is the only one to him. Flameshe exclaims "this guy's weird", and that she won't be friends to Elle if she ever goes out with him, then disappearing from the scene. Elle cries, saying "that's not a nice thing to say".

Gilbert immediately rushes to Elle's side, and tells her to look at the horizon, inquiring about a ship. Elle tries to get out of scene, only to be rushed over by Gilbert again, who takes her away immediately.

LoM Gilbert Love is Blind Elle Kidnap

Gilbert takes Elle away to the ship at her protests.

Arriving at the SS Buccaneer, the two will be found right at the deck. Gilbert praises Elle's voice, and tells her to sing, to which she immediately resists. Gilbert tells her not to say such a thing, as the wings of a siren who doesn't sing will wither. She tells her that, if she sings, ships will sink. He is not sure about that, and is adamant in that how tragic it is to have a siren who does not sing.

At the Captain's Quarters, the penguin asks Cap'n Tusk "why the heck did you let that horse come aboard our ship", asking him if he has not fallen into the "artistic side". Cap'n Tusk tells him they will capture both visitors and sell them to a millionaire, and all is set up already. The pirate, enthusiastic, listens to Cap'n Tusk's dissertation of the good and right of a pirate, saying the "evil otter's clattering seashells in my heart", to which the penguin is thrilled in emotion to hear.

Back at the deck, a group of penguins have already subdued Gilbert, as a desparate Elle is up in the air. She protests, asking what is wrong with them, to which one penguin answers "we be pirates after all". Gilbert regretfully poetises his coming demise, saying the poet will turn into bubbles of the sea.

LoM Gilbert Love is Blind Penguin Spin

The penguins spin desperately as the ship collapses.

Suddenly, Elle lands and starts singing in an act of desperation. The ship immediately starts to collapse, as the desperate penguins rush out of scene to patch the holes in the ship. A last penguin lands from above, and cries the Orc has come to attack, pledging for the Hero/Heroine's help.

After defeating the Orc, Elle and Gilbert are down the deck, ambushed by the pirate crew. Gilbert tells Elle to fly away, to which she responds he will be the one killed if she does so. The penguins fervently ask for something to be done, but Cap'n Tusk protests, asking whether they "can't tell when ye see a real man of the sea!?". He asks them "how could ye harm someone who is sorry for what she's done?". The penguins protests, saying they were almost killed because of her.

Elle keeps apologizing, and Cap'n Tusk remarks a ship is not going to sink with just a song, to which a penguin responds it almost did. He tells them that a ship like that weights about 3,000 Du'Inkes, and what keeps it floating is their spirit. He tells them his "spirit be 100, and ye penguins' are about 1", asking them "ye think a song will sink a ship held affloat by my manly spirit?" He says this is not made up story, and tells Elle to "try it". She refuses, but Cap'n Tusk insists, saying that having a siren, penguins, and "some sort of mammal" on the ship won't do them any harm, ignoring Gilbert and the Hero/Heroine. Elle starts singing, and once again the ship starts collapsing. But surprisingly, it is still afloat at the end of her song. Gilbert tells her there is nothing wrong with her singing, and says he came up with a new song about how penguins are cranky because they have no girlfriends. Cap'n Tusk tells them to make Gilbert walk the plank.

LoM Gilbert Love is Blind End


Talk to Elle in Madora Beach, then go to Polpota Harbor and head for the Sea's Bounty Restaurant and talk to Gilbert to start quest.


Note : you must NOT have completed Gilbert: School Amour (#58)

Quests unlocked[]



Enter Madora Beach. Go to the lighthouse and have Elle join you.

Enter Polpota Harbor and take her to the restaurant. Talk to Gilbert.

Enter Madora Beach and go to the lighthouse again to pick her up for a second time. As you leave Gilbert will take her.

Enter the SS Buccaneer to see them on the top deck. Go to the Captain’s Quarters and talk to him. Go back to the top deck to battle the Orc.



Journal Entry[]

Love is Blind - Elle and Gilbert run away.


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