Ghost (later Faint) is a recurring status ailment in the Mana series. It occurs when a character's HP reach zero. While a ghost or fainted, the victim can neither participate in battle nor use items, and must be revived using a Cup of Wishes or some other method, depending on the title.


Sword of ManaEdit

Either Sumo or Fuji collapsing will result in an instant Game Over. The player's companion may be revived with an Angel Grail or resting at an inn, though there may be battles in which revival is not feasible.

Secret of ManaEdit

A character with zero HP is a ghost until revived by a Cup of Wishes or a stay at an inn. Defeating a boss restores all HP regardless of status at the time of defeat.

Trials of ManaEdit

Players are automatically revived with 1 HP when the immediate field is clear of enemies.

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