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Gauser is a playable character from Heroes of Mana as well as an antagonist in Trials of Mana.

Heroes of Mana[]

Gauser is the current king of Ferrolia. Tricked by the peddian's deception, his army focuses on the unknowing decoys leaving the capital at the mercy of the main army. Despite their part, Grauser saves Rogets team when they are betrayed by Baxilos. He joins Roget and his team after they help him and the surviving beastmen to escape to Wendel after an attack by Pedda, moved by both his people and new allies he becomes a strong ally in fighting the Pedda Kingdom.

Gauser is instrumental in finding the last known mana stone, as its location is haunted by beastmen ancestors who wouldn't let humans in until he claimed they were his henchmen. He then rallies his people and they proceed to take back Lowenburg.

Trials of Mana[]

King of Ferolia TOM.png
See also: Gauser (boss)

Gauser plays the role of an antagonist this time, though his motivations are not completely evil. He is the father of Kevin and plays a dominant role in his and Charlotte's story arc. Of the "three evils" in the game, he is part of the Masked Mage's faction.

In the 2020 remake, Gauser also plays the role of Kevin's trial boss in Chapter VII, accessible after completing the main story. Defeating him awards the Sphere relic needed to advance to Class 4.

Circle of Mana[]

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Warrior Monk
SSUR SSUR 0849.jpg SSUR 0850.jpg SSUR 0851.jpg SSUR 0852.jpg Grappler
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