Gaeus (ガイア Gaia) is a character from Legend of Mana. One of Seven Wisdoms existing in the world of Fa'Diel, Gaeus is a huge face carved onto a mountainside located in Luon Highway. He is said to have answers to any question, and will be more than willing to lend a listening ear to the foibles of any NPC character accompanying the Hero/Heroine on their travels.

Gaeus later reappears in Sword of Mana as the sixth Wisdom that can be acquired by players. Assuming his original Japanese name, Gaeus functions as the wisdom of Earth in this game.



Although Gaeus is an immobile entity that is devoid of the ability to move about, it is apparent that in spite of his lack of exposure to the world outside of the mountainside of Luon Highway, his personality is one that befits his role as one of seven venerated Wisdoms of Fa'Diel nevertheless; his knowledge of the history of the world and the foibles of its inhabitants is one that is unmatched by all. According to the World History tome, Gaeus' deep wisdom is an accidental by-product of the life that Elise, daughter of the Great Witch Anise, breathed onto a rocky hill; his wisdom is said to surpass even his creator's.

As if to complement the soft, gentle appearance of his facial countenance, Gaeus is a jovial, amiable entity, taking delight in conversing with visitors. Ever patient in attending to the problems raised by his visitors, he is not known to lose his temper, even if the advice he imparts is met with confusion or violent objections.


Sword of ManaEdit


Gaia being summoned in battle.

  • Get: Log 75 Amigos.
  • Buy: N/A
  • Sell: N/A
  • Use: Summon the Wisdom Gaia. Can be used once a day. Everyone's favorite talking stone head causes the very Earth to shake, pummeling monsters with rocks that will Petrify them if it does not crush them first.


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