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Full Metal Haggar (also known by various spellings of Full Metal Hugger and in Final Fantasy Adventure as Metal Crab) is a recurring creature in the Mana series. It generally takes the form of a giant arthropod with traits of spiders or crabs. Where it appears, it is usually a low-to-mid-level boss.



Final Fantasy Adventure and Adventures of Mana[]

Main article: Metal Crab (Adventures of Mana)

The Metal Crab is a boss fought in the Hidden Waterfall near the exit of the cavern that leads to Crooked Boulder.

Sword of Mana[]

Main article: Full Metal Haggar (Sword of Mana)

Now with a seedling on its back, Full Metal Haggar is the first of two bosses fought in Cascade Cave. When defeated, it scurries into a hole below the Boison Vine.

Trials of Mana[]

Main article: Fullmetal Hugger (Trials of Mana)

The Fullmetal Hugger is the first major boss, fought in Cascade Cavern where it holds a seal over Lumina. A stronger version is also fought when the Chosen is neither Kevin nor Charlotte.

Legend of Mana[]

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