AoM Fuji

Fuji from Adventures of Mana

Fuji (also known as the Girl, Heroine, or Elena in printed adaptations and in Circle of Mana) is one of the two central co-protagonists of Adventures of Mana and its remake, Sword of Mana.



The Heroine is a member of the Mana Clan, a tribe said to be descendants of the Mana Goddess herself. Raised in the Mana Village by her mother, Elise, she had a happy childhood, listening to legends passed down the Mana line for generations and playing with her friend Willy. One day, the Heroine was preparing for a journey around the world alongside Bogard, one of the legendary Gemma Knights who had put an end to Emperor Vandole and his evil empire ten years before. However, this day would take a dark turn when a knight known as "Dark Lord" came to the village and, declaring the Clan to be Mana-hoarding "heretics" who must be eliminated, had the village razed. The Heroine fled with Elise who, after tripping over a branch, admitted to her that she wasn't her true mother before teleporting her and Bogard, one of the three Gemma Knights who witnessed the massacre, away using magic.

The two appeared in Granz Realm where they were found by Consul Hermann, a friend of Bogard's who, at his urging, sheltered the Heroine at his home. However, Dark Lord and his Heretic Hunters tracked her down and she was again forced to flee, this time alongside Hermann's son, though they were soon separated. The Heroine was found again by Bogard, and began travelling with him as planned, now the sole remaining member of the Mana Clan.


When playing through the Hero's storyline, the Heroine joins him as a partner character. In battle, she comes equipped with a Staff and Wisp magic. She joins six times throughout the game:

  • Firstly on the outskirts of Topple after accepting Hero's help in finding a child's lost book, leaving when they reach the village proper.
  • Secondly, after she runs into him at Cascade Cottage, and stays with him until they are separated during their overnight stay at Vinquette Hall.
    • They are quickly reunited, however, when they confront Count Lee, after which they continue travelling together until they are forcibly separated shortly after reaching Wendel.
  • Fourthly, after their successful infiltration of Granz Castle, when they do so to confront Dark Lord. They are parted after reaching Ishe in order to find the Sword of Mana.
  • Fifthly, for their journey to Dime Tower Once they reach the tower, they split up so that Hero can keep Marcie company.
  • Sixthly and finally, at the entrance to the Mana Sanctuary. The two then stay together until the end of the game.

Circle of ManaEdit

Rank Image Classes Quote
SSUR Elena SD1 SSUR 0814 SSUR 0815 SSUR 0816 イリスの娘
LGR LGR 0433 LGR 0434 LGR 0435 LGR 0436 イリスの娘


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