The Frozen Heart (とけない心 Tokenai kokoro) is an Artifact from Legend of Mana. Said to have come into being as a result of a gem growing swiftly after hardening into a core, the Frozen Heart functions as the symbolic representation of any living entity who has closed off their hearts and hardened them against the world.


Artifact LocationEdit

Primary Location
Quest Method
The Looking-Glass Tower Complete the quest.
Secondary Location(s)
Quest Method
1) The Quiet Sea
2) The Lucky Clover
Complete any one of the listed quests.

Artifact InformationEdit

Artifact Transforms Into LoM Artefact Encyclopaedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM AF Frozen Heart Sprite
Frozen Heart
LoM Fieg Snowfields Sprite
Fieg Snowfields
Once a gem hardens into a core, it grows swiftly, not unlike the hardness in one's heart. If the core grows large, it may remain despite its owner's death.


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