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Frosty (also Snowman) is a recurring status ailment in the Mana series. An effect of water-elemental attacks, Frosty causes the victim to become a snow sculpture, whereupon a player or enemy can freely move the sculpture.


Adventures of Mana/Sword of Mana[]

Effect of Blizzard magic. Sumo can then use any snowmen as weights on puzzle switches.

Secret of Mana[]

Snowman Status.png

Effect of Undine's Ice Saber and various enemy attacks. Defensed by Frosty Ring. Cured by Remedy and Medical Herb.

Snowman Status.png Status EffectsMoogle Sprite SOM.gif
Armored - Balloon - Dark - Engulfed - Frosty - Ghost - Minor - Moogle - Petrify - Poison - Silence - Sleep - Slow