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Frostbite Fields (called the Sub-Zero Snowfield in the fan translation) is a field region in Trials of Mana. It connects the Snow Hamlet Alrant to the Labyrinth of Ice and the Kingdom of Magicians Altena.


Opening - Angela[]

Having been teleported beyond the gates of Altena, Angela wakes from a brief fainting spell and sets out for the nearest town. Unfortunately, she succumbs to the brutal cold and faints again; though this time, she is not far from the village of Alrant and is recovered by a mother and her daughter


2D Version[]

2020 Remake[]

Angela's Introduction[]

Chapter III[]


Treasures & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Cup of Wishes (1) On an ice platform due south of the entrance leading to Alrant. Chapter III -
Headgear [C2] (1) In a small grotto towards the middle of the area a bit before a Mana statue. Chapter III -
1500 lucre Below a bridge right next to a Mana statue. Chapter III -
Chocolate (1) In a dead end next to a branching path either leading to Altena or the Labyrinth of Ice. Angela's introduction or Chapter III -
Cup of Wishes (1) Between two trees next to Altena's gate. Angela's introduction or Chapter III -
Candy (1) In a dead end close to a Mana statue near the entrance to the Labyrinth of Ice. Angela's introduction or Chapter III -

Li'l Cactus[]

  • Nestled in trees south of Alrant gates, before turning to the west.
  • In a snowy alcove, slightly northwest of central bridge.


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