Map of Forest of Seasons

The Forest of Seasons is a location in the Upper Land in Secret of Mana.

Story[edit | edit source]

After returning the Mana Seed of Water to the Water Palace. Randi and the others travel by cannon from outside Potos Village. They survive a rough arrival in the Upper Land and are surrounded by snowy woods. There, Randi asks Popoi about their home, but Popoi has lost the way. Exploring a bit further, the party crosses paths with several moogles in a fix; they were driven out by monsters. With Popoi interpreting, Randi and co. resolve to take care of the issue.

From winter, the party runs south and east to spring, and further on to summer. Turning north, they spot a clearing overrun with Pebblers and defeat the mole-like beasts. The moogles abruptly return to this Moogle Village, and in their gratitude give Popoi a clue:

"Walk the seasons, spring to winter.
Spring again, and we can enter."

With this, the party breaks the seal on Sprite Village.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

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