Florina (蛍姫 Hotaru hime, lit. Firefly Princess) is a major character from the Jumi story arc of Legend of Mana. A Jumi in possession of a core of fluorite, Florina is the exalted Clarius of the Jumi race, and has served as the Guardian of two Knights: Lady Blackpearl, before she left the Bejeweled City in order to locate the Sword of Mana, and Sandra, who pledged knighthood to Florina following Lady Blackpearl's departure.

Florina is, prior to the restoration of the Jumi race at the end of the Jumi story arc, the sole member of her people who is capable of shedding the tears of panacea that the Jumi are renowned for. She has thus had to shoulder the burden of healing the wounded cores of her fellow brethren, a fact that has caused her own core to begin undergoing a state of disintegration.



A guileless, artless individual by nature, Florina is depicted as a character who is mild and polite in her mannerisms, a fact that is evident right when she is first introduced in Fluorite, where she quietly guides the Hero/Heroine to Pandora's Box to assist her.

This nature of Florina's has in turn resulted in her being rather tractable, readily submitting to the desires of others without questioning their purpose. This fact is first proven through her submission to Diana's exploitation of her power to shed the Jumi's signature tears of panacea. Florina's sanctioning of Alex to hide her in Pandora's Box also proves this, as she unquestioningly accepts his faux-justification of protecting her from the jewel hunter, never once suspecting both individuals to be one and the same person.

Despite this, Florina is not entirely witless. For one, she is renowned for her kindness and benevolence, which is partially responsible for her choice to submit to Diana's demands; simply because she personally desires to alleviate the suffering of her people. This fact is also proven through Teardrop Crystal, where, following the miracle inspired by the Hero/Heroine's sacrifice, Florina urges the restored Jumi to connect their hearts in order to fashion a teardrop crystal for their benefactor.


Character InformationEdit

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LoM Florina Portrait
LoM Florina Sprite A Guardian who was the Clarius in the Bejeweled City of Jumi. The burden of healing all the wounded cores of the Jumi has caused her own core to fall apart.

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