Artwork of Flammie (2010)

Flammie is a character in Secret of Mana. A young white dragon who may be the last of his kind, he is befriended by Randi and his party and later serves as the party's primary means of transport.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Flammie is recovered as an orphan when first met. Little is known of his birth, and any relatives were killed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Despite his age, Flammie appears similar to a mature dragon of his race, being quite long from nose to tail. He is shown to have brown or fiery plumage that resembles a mane running from the crown of his head and down the back of his neck. Flammie has four wings that extend diagonally from the mid-back and are feathered in prismatic shades of blue and green. He looks similar to the Mana Beast, the final boss, as well, although this dragon is purple.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Being an orphan, Flammie has not bonded with other dragons of his kind. As a result of seeing his family killed, he is first met in a fearful state and draws back from the party. As he is still larger than the rest of the group, he cannot go with them.

That he has a fondness for pellet drums would suggest a very childlike disposition; King Truffle used this to train him as he grew.

Story[edit | edit source]

Amid reports from the Matangese that they saw snakes fighting dragons, Randi and co. head north to Fung Castle, wherein Truffle greets them. He speaks of a legend of a knight on a white dragon that will save the world. Truffle suggests finding such a creature in a cave further north. Approaching the cave, a Great Viper attacks them, but is quickly felled.

In the cave beyond, a lone white dragon survived an apparent attack by the beastly snakes, though his parents perished protecting him. This predicament catches Primm's attention, and she persuades Randi to take him with them. As the dragon is bigger than they are, Randi instead sends him to Truffle, where he is christened "Flammie" and subsequently trained. Truffle is both pleased and astonished by Flammie's rapid growth, and teaches him to carry riders who call him with his favorite toy, a simple pellet drum.

Though Truffle has a bit of a hard time controlling Flammie, they arrive at the crumbling Imperial Palace just in time to sweep the party out of the area. Truffle surmises that the dragon is eager to bond with his new family, and so gives them the drum to call him at will.

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