Flameshe (フラメシュ Furameshu) is a character from Legend of Mana. A 20-year-old mermaid of unknown origins, Flameshe possesses an obstinate, rebellious spirit, one that has motivated her to sneak out of her family abode and embark on a trip to Madora Beach, where she met Elle and befriended her. She can usually be found sunbathing in front of the flower shop located in Polpota Harbour, where the Hero/Heroine is able to request her to regale the harbour with her ethereal song.



Flameshe is portrayed as a feisty, obstinate and headstrong character, beholden to the will of none but herself. Caustic and brutally honest in her speech, she is not known to mince her words, especially when regarding situations that are particularly distasteful to her. This much can be deduced from The Siren's Song, where she, against Monique's repeated pleas, adamantly refuses to admit the Hero/Heroine entry into the Birdcage Lighthouse, testily declaring them to be part of the "many dangerous people" existing in the world.

It is through this same scene that Flameshe is also observed to be a very loyal friend to Elle; her refusal to budge from the Lighthouse's entrance is entirely attributed to her desiring to protect her friend from coming under further harm.

Flameshe's loyalty to her friends is further explored in Gilbert: Resume for Love; although initially stubborn in her refusal to help Monique undo Gilbert's petrification due to her disapproval of his philandering ways, she eventually relents by teaching her an incantation of the merpeople.


Character InformationEdit

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Flameshe Portrait
LoM Flameshe Sprite A teenage mermaid who is sometimes a little hard to deal with. She sneaked out of her family one day and went to the beach, where she met and befriended Elle.

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