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Fireball, also known as Fire, is a recurring spell in the Mana series.


Where it appears, Fireball is a basic attack spell whose sole purpose is to deal damage to an enemy. In Sword pf Mana, Secret of Mana, and other games, it is of the Fire element and associated with Salamander, the Mana Spirit of Fire.

Adventures of Mana[]

Sumo learns Fire from a book obtained in the Marsh Cellar after defeating the Hydra. It is a homing attack on a single target.

Secret of Mana[]

Fireball is one of six spells usable with Salamando. Popoi can summon the spell at a cost of 2 MP. The spell directs a fireball at one or more enemies to cause damage.

Trials of Mana[]

Fireball.gifFireball is a fire-elemental move in Trials of Mana.


When cast upon a standalone enemy, the caster will summon three balls of flame, that which will disperse and swirl around said enemy momentarily. They will then hone in and encase him/her/it in a pillar of flame before dissipating.

Alternatively, when cast upon all enemies on the battlefield, the caster will instead summon a multiplicity of flame balls instead, that which will zip around their targets in an animated fashion before honing in and encasing them in a pillar of flame before fading away.


Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Fireball TOM.png Deals fire magic damage Angela Sorceress
STR TOM.png 9 STR Points
100 5
Fireball +
Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Fireball TOM.png Deals fire magic damage to area Angela Sorceress
STR TOM.png 15 STR Points
100 5

Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Target Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Fireball.gif Deals fire magic damage to one or multiple enemies. Angela Magician One/All 10 INT Points ? 2

Item equivalence[]

Flame Coin TOM.pngFlame Coin

Notable users[]

Serving as the most basic of fire spells, Fireball is used by a diversity of boss enemies, including the likes of Zehnoa, Xan Bie, the Crimson Wizard and the Archdemon.


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