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Ferolia also known as the Beast Kingdom is a location in Heroes of Mana and Trials of Mana. It is populated predominantly by beastmen and has a mild to cold climate, though the later is mostly due to it being in perpetual night through the blessing of the moon.

Famous inhabitants[]

Places of interest[]

  • Duskmoon Forest (translated as Moonlight Forest in the fan translation of ToM) - a misty forest that stretches over most of Ferolia.
  • Lowenburg (unnamed in ToM) - capital of Ferolia.
  • Mintas (translated as Mintos in the fan translation of ToM) - a peaceful farming village inhabited mostly by Beastmen.
  • Chartmoon Tower (translated as Moonreading Tower in the fan translation of ToM) - location of the Mana Stone of the Moon.



2020 Remake[]

Note: All these enemies are present only during the Faerie rescue in Chapter IV.

Chapter IV[]

Treasures & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

(Note: Unless Kevin or Charlotte is the Chosen, the gates to Ferolia are sealed off. Treasures in this area may become missable if Kevin is not a party member.)

Treasures Location Availability Notes
Gold Item Seed (1) Ferolia II - In a U shape room in to the south of the area. Chapter IV -
Gold Item Seed (1) Ferolia II - In an enclosed room reached by exiting the area to Ferolia I and entering a side door to the right. Chapter IV -
5800 lucre Ferolia III - In a small room in the northern part of the area. Chapter IV -
Chocolate (1) Ferolia III - In a small room in the western side of the map. Kevin's Introduction or Chapter IV -
Cup of Wishes (1) Ferolia III - In a long empty room in the eastern side of the map. Kevin's Introduction or Chapter IV -
Weapon [C1] (1) Ferolia I - Next to some boxes at the end of the southern battlement. Chapter IV -
Accessory [C1] (1) Ferolia III - In an enclosed room reached by getting on the the lower battlement on Ferolia I, then climbing down the nearest stairs and taking the door a the end of a winding path. Chapter IV -
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