Faye is a character from Dawn of Mana.


When exploring the caverns beneath The Great Tree, Keldy and Ritzia came upon Faye, a Spirit. She didn't talk much at first, and was like a very young child, but gradually gained more knowledge of spells and her form changed from childlike to a slightly older looking form.


Faye is very close to Keldy and Ritzia, and usually sticks by Keldy. She cheers Keldy up when he needs it, helps him, and saved his life once when Stroud almost killed him. She can use spells such as Heal, Full Tilt, Fire Blade and Ice Blade, that help Keldy in battle.

Although she is childlike and playful, Faye has a mature, strong-willed side, and no matter what she keeps up a hopeful and kind outlook on things.


In battle, she casts spells on Keldy, making him momentarily stronger, or adding elements (fire and ice) to his sword. She also keeps all the Spirit Orbs (Undine, Salamander, Gnome, Wisp, Luna, Jinn, Shade, Dryad) Keldy finds and lets him use them in battle.


"Fayyyeee! Faye Faye Faye!" (Introducing herself to Keldy and Ritzia)

"Oh, thank you!" (To Flammie after she saves her and Keldy)

"Keldy, Ritzia seems kind of strange." (Rescuing Ritzia on Stroud's ship)

"Thank you...Treant...Gaia..."

"You're not alone, after all. We wouldn't let you face this burden all by yourself."

"Okay, Ritzia. Time for us to go."

"A seed of The Great Tree, the Maiden, plus a Spirit..."

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