A Nevarlan who abandons her tribe when she found out that they have joined the Peddans in their quest to conquer the world. She is brave and fights for what she believes in. She joins Roget on his quest to restore peace to the land of Mana once again. She is very down-to-earth and is always up for a challenge. She is mother of Hawkeye, and half-sister of Eagle and Jessica.

Heroes of Mana

Falcon is saved by Roget's group after deserting, but it is Flamekhan who decides to pull out, though not before disowning Falcon.

Falcon fights with Roget for the rest of the game, making peace with her father and gaining his promise that if something would happen to her and her husband, he would raise Hawkeye as an unknown adopted son.

Falcon had intended for her husband, son and herself to live in some quite corner of the world as a family; but sadly she and Sandarrow must have died at some point soon after the game, as Hawkeye was raised as an adopted son of Flamekahn with no memory of his parents.

Circle of Mana

Rank Image Classes Quote
SSUR SSUR 0061.jpg SSUR 0062.jpg SSUR 0063.jpg SSUR 0064.jpg Thief
Ninja Master
SSUR SSUR 0241.jpg SSUR 0242.jpg SSUR 0243.jpg SSUR 0244.jpg Thief
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