The Faerie Walnut, also known as the Magic Walnut, is a recurring item in the Mana series. It typically restores a large portion of the target's MP when consumed.

Because magic is typically absent until the player makes contact with the Mana Spirits, Faerie Walnuts are quite rare and often many times more expensive than other restorative items.


Sword of ManaEdit

  • Buy: 45
  • Sell: 22
  • Use: Recover 80 MP. Players might prefer Magic Walnuts over Sitting, since Sitting can take a very long time. Magic Walnuts are also very cheap and are easier to come by.


Chest: Vinquette Hall, Airship (x3), Prickly Desert, Devius Manor, Mt. Illusia, Granz Castle (x3), Glass Desert (South), Kahla Peaks, Rocky Wilds, Subland River, Glass Desert (North), Ruined Passage (x2), Dime Tower (x2), Mana Sanctuary, Mana Temple

Store: Wendel General Store, Menos General Store, Jadd Blacksmith, Jadd General Store, Ishe General Store, Niccolo

Monster: Cursed Doll (56%), Tomato Man (56%), Skull Beast (15%), Fierce Face (50%), Punkster (56%), Beholder (56%), Shamanion (56%), Granz Wizard (56%)

Secret of ManaEdit

  • Use: Restore 50 MP
  • Location: Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests
  • Price: 500GP (normal), 1000GP (Neko)

Trials of ManaEdit

Faerie Walnut (Magic Walnut in the fan translation) is an item in Trials of Mana.

Magic Walnut SD3SNES version

  • Function : Restores ally's MP by 20.
  • Where to buy : Most stores
    • Buy : 40 L
    • Sell : ?
  • Monster Drops

Faerie Walnut2 TOM3D version

  • Buy : 150 L
  • Sell : 50 L
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