Explode (also known as Exploder) is a recurring spell in the Mana series.

Secret of Mana Edit

Exploder is one of six spells taught by Salamando, the Mana Spirit of Fire, in Secret of Mana. It is an offensive spell that causes fiery explosions, inflicting fire elemental damage on the target.

Popoi can cast the spell at a cost of 4 MP. It is also cast by various enemies throughout the game.

Trials of Mana Edit

Explode SD3Explode is a fire-elemental spell in Trials of Mana.

Description Edit

It deals moderate damage to single or multiple targets.

It costs 4 MP to cast in the SNES version and 9 MP in the 2020 remake.

Acquisition Edit

Character Class Requirement Minimum Stat Single or Multi-Target
Angela Sorceress
Grand Diviner
10 Intelligence Points (SNES version)

Item equivalenceEdit

Item Power Available at Cost (2D) Cost (3D) Single or Multi-Target
Cerberus Paw2 TOMMando Icon 200 Night Market 40 350 Single
Esotera Book2 TOMEsotera Book 200 Plant ??? Seed - - Multi
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