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Evil Gate is a recurring spell in the Mana series.

Secret of Mana[]

Evil Gate is one of three spells taught by Shade, the Mana Spirit of Darkness. It is an offensive spell that conjures a vortex of dark energy, inflicting dark elemental damage based on the target's current and maximum HP. It is ineffective against bosses.

Popoi can cast the spell at a cost of 8 MP. It is also cast by the Lime Slime in the Palace of Darkness, Fiend Heads, and National Scars.

Trials of Mana[]

Evil Gate.gifEvil Gate is a dark-elemental move in Trials of Mana.


When cast upon a standalone enemy, a small portal of portent darkness will open up in close proximity to them, whereupon a vortex of fell darkness will suck them in and engulf them before dissipating.

On the other hand, when the move is cast upon all enemies on a given battlefield, the same portal of odious darkness will similarly appear, albeit one that fills up the entirety of the immediate surroundings and ensnare all enemies.

It costs 2 MP to cast in the SNES version and 5 MP in the 2020 remake.


Evil Gate
Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Evil Gate TOM.png Deals dark magic damage Angela Sorceress
INT TOM.png 9 INT Points
100 5
Evil Gate +
Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Evil Gate TOM.png Deals dark magic damage to area Angela Sorceress
INT TOM.png 15 INT Points
100 5

Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Target Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Evil Gate.gif Deals dark magic damage to one or multiple enemies. Angela Magician One/All 9 INT Points ? 2

Item equivalence[]

Dark Coin TOM.pngDark Coin

Notable users[]

Evil Gate is used by such nefarious boss enemies like Gova, Zable Fahr, Goremand, Crimson Wizard, Malocchio, the Archdemon and the infamous Black Rabite.


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