Elena is a character in Heroes of Mana. She is the elder sister of Juhani and the finacée of Roget. She is skilled with a bow and a high ranking Peddan Warrior. She plays the role of an antagonist, thought she is by no means an inherently evil person. She is simply faithful to her country, and sees Roget as a traitor.

Heroes of Mana Edit

Elena blocks the party as they head to Pedda, trapping their ship and winged guardian in a barrier. By that point her fiancé had gone against her country and killed her younger brother. Driven to despair and rage she swears to destroy Roget. Being given psi power by Baxillos, she now controls an army of the dead; including two zombified Vuscavs and her own personal ghost ship. Roget appeals to her that she can kill him after he stops operation psi but she wouldn't here it (and if Roget is killed in the mission its implied she's suicidal as she yells at him to get up and try to kill her). Roget's allies from the other nations show up and using the fortress Luzio Malis, destroy her Vusclavs. Roget tries once more to get her to come with him, appealing that Pedda is corrupted and needs to be reclaimed but she just can't forgive him. Asking her brother to protect her, she charges in her ghost ship in an attempt to ram their fortress and destroy them both. Although she successfully hits it, two shots fired by the fortress beforehand lesson the impact, and only her ship plummets into the sea. Heartbroken Roget attempts to jump down hundreds of meters from the sky to save her, but is stopped by Qucas.

Circle of ManaEdit

Rank Image Classes Quote
SUR SUR 0165 SUR 0166 SUR 0167 SUR 0168 アーチャー
SSUR Elena HOM SSUR 0334 SSUR 0335 SSUR 0336 アーチャー
SSUR SSUR 0585 SSUR 0586 SSUR 0587 SSUR 0588 アーチャー
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