Wiki of Mana

Elements in the Mana series are a central plot and gameplay element.

Secret of Mana Spirits

The eight elemental spirits from Secret of Mana

In gameplay, they can be used to exploit weaknesses of enemies.

In the plot, the elements usually have a Mana Spirit to help represent each one, and each Mana Spirit must be found to advance the story.

Types of Elements[]


Associated with heat, flame, explosive forces and lava. Salamander represents this element. Opposes Water.


Associated with water and its many forms and phenomena associated, including ice and snow. Undine is the representative spirit of Water. Opposes Fire.


Associated with the earth and its various contents and phenomena. Gnome manages this element. Opposes Wind.


Associated with the forces and phenomena of air and wind, and electric forces. Jinn represents Wind. Opposes Earth.


Associated with the power of nature and life. Dryad associates with this element. Opposes Moon.


Associated with the Moon's power, like shapeshifting and lunacy, and in some later installments, inorganic and celestial forces were added, like gravity and nuclear forces. Legend of Mana uses the element of Metal in place of Moon, with Aura taking the place of Luna. Both Moon and Metal oppose Wood.


Associated with the light and sometimes holy power. Wisp represents Light. Opposes Darkness.


Associated with darkness and sometimes wicked power. Shade represents Darkness. Opposes Light.