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Echoes of Mana is a free-to-play action RPG in the Mana series. The first new entry since Rise of Mana in 2014, Echoes was announced during the 30th Anniversary stream event in late June 2021. It launched on April 27, 2022.


"Worlds of patchwork are echoing to you.
You awaken, surrounded by nothingness except for a single tree
The Mana Tree—the very source of all life,
and yet, it is set to soon disappear...
The last sanctuary in a place where all has already been lost.

Only the Mana Sword can save the Mana Tree and the worlds still weaved in its branches.
If only the sword were not lost as well...
Guided by the Mana Goddess, you must venture into patchwork worlds, meeting friends and foes both familiar and brand new as you piece together memories through the Echoes of Mana.

—Official website description


Echoes of Mana follows with gameplay of a typical mobile MMO. Players assume the role of protagonist Quilto/Quilta as they awaken in a lifeless world and must restore it from memories based on the worlds of the greater Mana series. The Mana Goddess sends our hero forth with a spirit named Baashear as their guide and companion, and together the pair will recruit other allies to aid them on their quest.

Battles in the main story are fought in real time as groups of missions divided into fixed waves, wherein players will be graded on their performance in order to collect in-game rewards such as currency and raw materials. Each mission is to be completed as efficiently as possible. Both foes and allies can move and attack in any direction on a given field, and can deploy various Special Techniques (ST) and summon Mega Spirit Magic when the required conditions are met.

Other play modes are also available. In addition to main story quests, players can also participate in six permanent material quests and a limited daily series of quests for hero EXP, Memory Gem materials, and Lucre. From time to time, designated player-vs-enemy co-op quests as well as side stories (Events) may become available, and are played in the same manner as regular story battles.

As a gacha game, players may summon (Harvest) various heroes and Memory Gems of the series either one-by-one or as a bundle using both free and paid currency, with paid currency applied first.

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