Dyluck (ディラック Dirakku) is a supporting character in Secret of Mana. He is Primm's lover as well as a commanding officer of the Pandoran army, who spends the story captive to Thanatos.

Dyluck hails from nearby Kippo Village, and was entrusted by the King of Pandora with a group of soldiers to lead the expedition into the Haunted Forest to seek out Elinee and defeat her, as she was thought to be the cause of people in Pandora turning into zombies.

In truth, he was chosen for the mission by Primm's father, to send him away, possibly to his death, while he settled the matter of his arranged marriage for her.

Dyluck and his troops are captured by Elinee, but she discovered that she could not control him and so sent him to Thanatos, the general responsible for Pandora's plight. Thanatos realized that Dyluck met all of the qualifications to become his new host and then planned to use him as his next body, but Dyluck proves too strong willed for him and thwarts his plans.

Thanatos takes Dyluck with him, with Primm always one step behind. Finally, at the Mana Fortress, the party confronts Thanatos who completes the body transfer with Dyluck. Dyluck proves too strong willed and kills himself, forcing Thanatos to reveal his true form as the Dark Lich.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A minor character in Sword of Mana named Prince Durac serves as an homage to this character(even having the same Japanese name) to the point of mistaking the old woman Marley for Pamaela after being unfrozen along with Lorimar's citizens when Malyris perishes.

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