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Dwarf Village is a location in Trials of Mana. Located in the southern pass of Stonesplit Gap, the heroes must use the power of Lumina in order to reveal the secret entrance made to look like a pile of stone rubble.


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Chapter I[]

On a lead from the townsfolk in Maia, the Chosen and their party head back to Stonesplit Gap to track down the dwarfs, for they may have the nitromyte needed to power Von Boyage's new travel cannon. Lumina volunteers his light to open the path to the settlement, which has been guarded by a wall of refractive crystal. While they may appear laid back, the dwarfs are an industrious race and make their way in the world by mining minerals from dense earth that are subsequently used in crafting. The party is to find a dwarf named Watts, who should be manning his item shop, but has gone off to investigate the sudden disappearance of the dwarfs' patron spirit, Gnome. An unnamed dwarf is managing the shop in Watts' stead and informs the party. Our heroes then proceed to follow Watts into the Dwarf Tunnels below; to get there, they meet a second dwarf clearing a path to the entrance. Unfortunately, they are caught in a giant blast of explosive rock. The dwarf pokes fun at the party's endurance, yet they have survived and venture onward.

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2020 Remake[]


Name Cost Equippable by ATK MGC ATK
Gladius 350 Duran 15 10
Sorcerer Rod 340 Angela 11 16
Spiked Glove 350 Kevin 16 11
Ball & Chain 330 Charlotte 12 14
Baselard 340 Hawkeye 14 13
Framea 350 Riesz 14 12

2020 Remake[]


Name Cost Equippable by DEF MGC DEF
Common Mail 270 Duran 10 7
Witch Robe 260 Angela 6 9
Cleric Robe 270 Charlotte 7 10
Fur Vest 260 Kevin 7 8
Camo Cloak 260 Hawkeye 8 7
Feather Vest 270 Riesz 8 8

2020 Remake[]


2020 Remake[]

Name Cost
Candy 20
Faerie Walnut 150
Medical Herb 20
Cup of Wishes 300
Magic Rope 50

Treasures & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Chocolate (1) In a communal room on the left when entering the village. Chapter I -
Honey Elixir (1) In a small room on the right when entering the village. Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) In a corner at the inn. Chapter I -

Li'l Cactus[]

No sightings

Character Observations[]

"So this is the dwarfen quality, huh? Get a load of the edge on this thing!"
"Cave-life is just not my style. What do I look like, a mole?"
"Caves are nice...and quiet! Peaceful."
"Bleh! It's so mowdy in hewe... I think mushwooms awe gonna stawt spwouting out of me!"
"It's not just the ore, I hear the gems in this area are highly valued... Not that I was thinking of stealing anything!"
"The wind is so different underground than on the peaks. Does it sound like it is groaning to you?"

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