Dwarf Village is a settlement in Secret of Mana.

Map of Dwarf Village

Dwarf Village is the village at which the last remaining character, Popoi, is recruited, and the village that is closest to the Underground Palace.

Shop & Inn[edit | edit source]

Inn[edit | edit source]

The Inn costs 15 GP per stay.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Category Who Defense
Candy 10 GP Healing
Medical Herb 10 GP Healing
Cup of Wishes 150 GP Healing
Rabite Cap 45 GP Head Gear Sprite +5
Head Gear 75 GP Head Gear Boy +7
Midge Robe 22 GP Armor Sprite +7
Chain Vest 120 GP Armor All +10
Spiky Suit 260 GP Armor Boy/Sprite +13
Wristband 45 GP Arm Gear Boy/Girl +1
Elbow Pad 90 GP Arm Gear All +2
Power Wrist 150 GP Arm Gear All +4

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Be sure to have a look in the shop, where powerful armor is to be found. Also, recover if you're low on health - you likely do not have over 100 HP, so buying a Candy is cheaper than the inn for the same effect. Two things need to be done in order to proceed:

  1. Go to the unlabeled door with at least 150 GP in your pocket. You'll get to a fork from which you should go left. You will witness a show here, featuring the ONE, the ONLY... RABITEMAN! You'll have to disburse 50 GP for this, though. Pay it, and the show begins. A sprite will then appear who's in need of money. 100 GP is asked; grant it. Now, re-enter the place but use the door to the right. It appears they ripped you off, but they also realize you've been overhearing them, and fortunately they refund the 150 GP.
  2. Find Watts, the blacksmith. Talk to him; he'll ask for your sword and offers to reforge it for the low, low price of 100 GP. Pay the money, and Watts realizes it's the Mana Sword he's dealing with! Some sort of power somehow souped up his hammer, and Watts thinks he can forge an axe. Come back later, he says. Take note that the Rusty Sword is now the Broad Sword, and that upgrading a weapon costs an orb (in this case, the Sword's Orb you've acquired after beating the Mantis Ant).

Now, go back to the main hall again, and suddenly, an earthquake occurs.

After defeating Tropicallo, you will acquire a Spear's Orb! The Elder and sprite will come in. You'll learn that the sprite has lost his memory, and that gaining some of the Mana energy might help. Getting it isn't an easy job, so the Elder asks you to take the sprite with you. Accept, and name the sprite. The sprite comes with a Boomerang, and by talking to the Elder you will additionally receive the Bow! You'll find out that the way to the palace you'll need to go to is blocked by lava, because of Elinee, who is our next stop.

Before you go, stop by at Watts's place. He's finished making the axe and offers it for 100 GP. Buy it, and then he'll tell you that if you have any orbs, you can bring them to him to upgrade your weapons. You just received a Spear's Orb from Tropicallo, so have him reforge the Spear too! When you're finished with all, Watts shows you a shortcut, leading to the entrance.

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