Dwarf Village is a recurring location in the Mana series. It often takes the form of a mining town buried deep underground, near the source of the earth's bounty. As the name implies, dwarves live there.

Appearances Edit

Adventures of ManaEdit

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Secret of ManaEdit

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Located in Gaia's Navel, Dwarf Village is in close proximity to the Underground Palace, where rests the Mana Seed of Earth. Popoi can be observed as a sideshow act and later recruited after defeating Tropicallo. The party must later return to foil a plot by the Scorpion Army, and can return again to retrieve the Midge Mallet later. Watts operates his first forge as well.

Trials of ManaEdit

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Dwarves live within the mountains of Stonesplit Gap, where they revere the Spirit of Earth, Gnome. A dwarf named Watts is also a shopkeeper in the village. When Gnome suddenly disappears, Watts takes a batch of nitromyte and blows open several collapsed mine tunnels to find him. When the party catches up to him, a Jewel Eater suddenly appears and attacks, having abducted Gnome whilst he napped. Watts gives up the nitromyte in thanks for putting the creature down.

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