The Dwarf Tunnels are a dungeon in Trials of Mana. The caverns lie within the Stonesplit Gap below Dwarf Village, far below Daria, Gem Valley.

Story Edit

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Chapter IEdit

The search for Watts and his nitromyte begins in earnest as the Chosen and their party head deeper into Stonesplit Gap. Braving the network of mining tunnels, they find Watts in an old mining camp, where he tries to sell the party the explosive first for 5,000, and then for 3,000 lucre. Should he be refused, he reveals that he is searching for Gnome, who seems to have gone missing, before he runs off. Desperate for the nitromyte, the party must chase Watts through the monster-ridden caverns. As they catch up to him, the ground rumbles and shakes underfoot. Sensing that this is no ordinary quake, Watts flees the area when a Jewel Eater charges through an old crystal vein. Its defeat releases Gnome, caught in its den while he was napping. Faerie successfully recruits Gnome to the party's cause as Watts returns impressed by the party's feats. He gives them the nitromyte free of charge.

With the precious propellant now in hand, the party rushes back to Maia to deliver it to Von Boyage so that he can complete his travel cannon.

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Enemies Edit

2D Version Edit

2020 Remake Edit

Chapter I Edit

Treasures & Items Edit

2020 Remake Edit

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Curious Cookie (1) Dwarf Tunnels I - In a dead end close to the entrance leading to Dwarf Village. Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) Dwarf Tunnels I - In a narrow dead end between two cliffs in the middle of the tunnel. Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) Dwarf Tunnels I - Atop a small hill south of the bridge in the middle of the tunnel; long-jump from the middle of the bridge to reach it. Chapter I -
Chocolate (1) Dwarf Tunnels I - In a room filled with red mushrooms. Chapter I -
Chocolate (1) Dwarf Tunnels I - Atop a hill near a small enemy campfire ; reached by climbing a slope. Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) Dwarf Tunnels I - In an open room just pass below the bridge leading to the boss room. Chapter I -
Accessory [C2] (1) Dwarf Tunnels I - On a cornice near the big bridge in the middle of the tunnel ; reached by jumping onto small platforms. Chapter I -

Li'l CactusEdit

Check the campsite to the far west. Li'l Cactus is sitting by the fire.

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