Duelist (デュエリスト, Dyuerisuto?) is a class used by Duran in Trials of Mana. It is his Dark-Dark class.

Trials of Mana Edit

  • Fan translated Name: Duelist
  • Name: Duelist

The Duelist is the Dark-Dark job class of Duran. The Duelist comes to specialize in self reliant tactical capability, gaining the highest powered standard equipment out of all Fighter job classes, a strong build for physical combat, Saber spells to exploit elemental weaknesses and bolster damage output, and powerful Class Strikes, but its stamina and DPS ranks less than more agile fighters such as Hawkeye or Kevin, meaning that caution must be played if this class is chosen. Due these attributes, and to its single cast spell nature, the Duelist is also recommended to be played as a main choice lead character or head on direct physical combat unit, as the Duelist does well in singling out foes to face one on one and standing alone before its techs can be used to wipe out opposition, but does not do well in providing support.

Sword of Mana Edit

Requirements: Warrior Type 25 + Random Type 10

  • Duelist
  • Sword (Hero) or Staff (Heroine) attack +30
  • Dark MagAtk +10

Heroes of Mana Edit

Neck #30 The Duelist (闘士の証)
Range +4, Speed -10
The symbol of the duelist.

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