Dudbears (アナグマ Anaguma) form a clan of anthropomorphic bears who slave for Roger's Diggers in Legend of Mana. Initially leading simple, unperturbed lives as labourers for Roger's mining business, the Dudbears are later forced to join the cult that he constructs around his pet dog Putty.


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Simple-minded, naive and innocent to a fault, the Dudbears collectively present a personality that is starkly gullible and tractable, as they are easily coerced into submitting to figures possessing more power than they do unquestioningly. This fact alone has resulted in the Dudbears being brutally exploited, the main culprit perpetuating this crime being Roger, who subjects them to backbreaking menial labour in the Ulkan Mines under the twisted motto of "salvation through labour".

The malleability of the Dudbears is further taken towards the extremes through their being coerced into joining Roger in his mentally unsound worship of his pet dog Putty, where their behaviour is specially modulated to glorify it. This fact can be observed in the conclusion of Where's Putty?, where, on command, the Dudbears express "relief" and "joy" after Putty is found.


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Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Dudbear Portrait
LoM Dudbear Sprite Diggers who work for Roger's mining business. Now they are forced to join his new religious activities, with a dog as their lord.

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