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Dragonsmaw (called Dragon's Hole in the fan translation) is one of the final dungeons of Trials of Mana and cannot be flown to. It is the lair of the Dragon Lord. It is only explorable if the main protagonist is Duran or Angela, and can only be reached by going through the Crystal Desert. The Darkshine Knight and Crimson Wizard appear as bosses inside Dragonsmaw. This is also the only area in the original version where the optional Black Rabite boss can be fought.


2D Version[]

2020 Version[]

Chapter VI[]

Treasures & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasures Location Availability Notes
2000 lucre Dragonsmaw II - In a looping parth towards the southern part of the map. Chapter VI -
Gold Item Seed (2) Dragonsmaw II - At the end of the curve path in the southern part of the map. Chapter VI -
Cup of Wishes (3) Dragonsmaw II - In a dead end in the northeastern part of the map. Chapter VI -
Gold Item Seed (2) Dragonsmaw IV - In a long ascending winding path. Chapter VI -
4600 lucre Dragonsmaw IV - On the central island in the poison pool. Chapter VI -
Goddess Scales (1) Dragonsmaw I - On an alternate path northeast to the Mana stone a the four-branched path. Chapter VI -
Honey Elixir (3) Dragonsmaw V - In the northern part of the map. Chapter VI -

Another view of Dragonsmaw

Dragon Lord's lair

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