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The Dragon Lord (竜帝, Ryūtei?) (Dragon Emperor in the fan translation) is one of the three main villains from Trials of Mana, along with the Masked Mage and the Dark Majesty. He serves as the main villain and final boss in Duran and Angela's storylines. He has the same goal as the other two main villains: steal the power of the Sword of Mana, release the eight Benevodons, and take their powers as well to become a god. His intent afterwords is to create a world of suffering and chaos. He spends most of the game in a humanoid form. His true form is a traditional dragon, and is by far the largest boss in the game - it is so large that his whole body isn't even seen on screen. In the remake, his dragon form has the name Mondoragon.

The Dragon Lord is also involved in the events of Heroes of Mana, though he never makes an onscreen appearance. He supports Pedda with Dragon units, some of the most dangerous units in the game.

In Legend of Mana, a similar character named Drakonis serves as one of the main antagonists.


Little is known about the Dragon Lord's past. All that's mentioned about him is that he led a large clan of dragons known as the Dragon Folk of the Quon Continent.

Heroes of Mana[]

Dragon Lord's sprite

For unknown reasons the Dragon Lord sided with Pedda as a silent partner. He did not appear in person but sent troops to aid the Peddan forces (which considering his troops were dragons, played a substantial part in conquering the other kingdoms). He is however a secret boss in a late bonus mission. At the end of the game Loki says they will have to take care of the Dragon Lord eventually, hinting at the backstory of ToM.

Defeat by Loki and Gaining New Pawns[]

King Richard eventually fought a war to stop the Dragon Lord's ambitions of World Domination. The details of it are unknown, but the Dragon Lord was apparently enough of a threat to the World that a Faerie was sent to aid Richard. An attack on him, planned by Don Perignon, defeated him when Loki faced the Dragon Lord in battle. The two of them both fell into a bottomless pit and were assumed dead.

In reality they both died, but Dragon Lord has the power to manipulate souls, enabling him to keep his own tethered to his remains. At some point his and Loki's remains were happened upon by a young boy who would become known as the Crimson Wizard. Crimson Wizard was a native of Altena unable to learn magic. He had fled Altena in shame and came to the Dragonsmaw for perspective.

Taking advantage of the boy's weakness, the Dragon Lord promised to make him the most powerful wizard in Altena in exchange for half his life. The Crimson Wizard accepted the offer and the Dragon Lord used his life-force to revive himself. Having seen Loki's strength firsthand; the Dragon Lord bound his soul to his remains and forcefully revived him as the Darkshine Knight. Now with powerful new servants, the Dragon Lord decided to take advantage of his status as "dead" to run the scene from the shadows. He sent the Crimson Wizard and Darkshine Knight out to set the stage for his return in his plan to gain the power of the Benevodons and become a God.

Trials of Mana[]

Concept art of the Dragon Lord in ToM
"What a fool! Do you yearn for death that badly? I remember a faerie that met a similar fate. She was with the Prince of Valsena and his Knight. I was caught unaware by the Golden Knight's foolish attack and we both fell. It took me so long to regain my strength but now-! I am the strongest of the gods! None can surpass me! Look at my true form!"
—The Dragon Lord as he prepares to transform.

The Dragon Lord spends most of the game in his lair, the Dragon's Hall, while the Crimson Wizard and the Darkshine Knight launch attacks to destroy the Mana Stones. Koren also aids in the effort by manipulating the Queen of Reason into starting a war to gain the Mana Stones. Eventually, because of attacks also launched by the minions of the Masked Mage and the Dark Majesty, all of the Mana Stones are broken. During this time the heroes also saved the elemental spirits. They try to open a portal to the Mana Sanctuary, but are unable to.

After their failed attempt, the portal to the Mana Sanctuary opens on its own because of the damage to the Mana Stones. Crimson Wizard then goes there with the Darkshine Knight on a large airship. The minions of the other villains also head there. What happens next depends on the whose the main character:

  • If the main character is Charlotte or Kevin, the Dragon Lord is killed by the Masked Mage.
  • If the main character is Hawkeye or Riesz, the Dragon Lord is killed by Belladonna and Malocchio.
  • If the main character is Duran or Angela, then the Dragon Lord kills the Masked Mage, and destroys the remains of the Dark Majesty, making his revival impossible.

The Dragon Lord in the remake

After that, as the Crimson Wizard and the Darkshine Knight are unable to take the Sword of Mana from the Tree of Mana, they kidnap Faerie when either Duran or Angela removes it. Faerie is traded for the Sword, after which the eight Benevodons are released into the world.

Although heroes kill each of the Benevodons, their power is sent back to the Sword of Mana. After breaking into the Dragon's Hall and defeating the Darkshine Knight, the heroes finally meet the Dragon Lord in person, with him in a humanoid form. The Dragon Lord refrains the Crimson Wizard from attacking them, deciding to let the heroes watch as he absorbs the Sword of Mana and the power of the God-Beasts.

To his surprise, the Dragon Lord finds his powers are being restrained by the Mana Goddess, after which he leaves to destroy the Tree of Mana (her current form) to stop her. Crimson Wizard stays to kill the heroes, but loses and commits suicide to escape the pain of losing part of his soul.

The heroes meet up with the Dragon Lord, but he got the Tree of Mana first and destroyed it. His power now unrestrained, he gloats that he is the new god of the world. Faerie attacks him, but he swats her aside easily. The Dragon Lord then assumes his true form and devastates the heroes, but they're all saved by Faerie, who tells the Dragon Lord that they will defeat him and create a new world even without Mana, as long as they have hope. The Dragon Lord snidely mocks them for thinking that. He is then fought and killed after a long battle.


"Silence! I will destroy any sword you wield! You must understand how powerless you are against a supreme god!"
—The Dragon Lord, before the final battle

The Dragon Emperor's true form

As a final boss, the Dragon Lord is extremely powerful. He's generally viewed being harder than the Dark Lich, but easier than the Archdemon. He possess the most health of the final bosses, and only takes damage if he's struck in the head, a task made somewhat difficult as he moves his head. As he absorbed the powers of the eight God-Beasts, he possesses some of their desperation attacks, and of the ones he uses lower the stats of the players. Outside from that, he has a few power unique attacks of his own, the strongest being his desperation special attack, Flare.

In the remake, he can be damaged on any part of his body.



The Dragon Lord's true form in the remake

Lucent Beam - Level 2 Light-based spell

Thunderstorm - Level 2 Wind-based spell

Stun Gust - Level 3 Wind-based spell, causes Silence

Explode - Level 2 Fire-based spell

Blaze Wall - Level 3 Fire-based spell

Spike Freeze - Level 2 Water-based spell

Cold Blaze - Level 3 Water-based spell, causes Snowman status

Earthquake - Level 2 Earth-based spell

Stone Cloud - Level 3 Earth-based spell

Half Eclipse - Halves target's current HP

Change Form - Pygmizes (shrinks) entire party

Ancient Curse - Powerful non-elemental magic

Special Attacks[]

Moon Spiral- damages party and lowers Max HP

Shackles - damages and Moogles party

Air Rush - Powerful Wind-based spell, lowers defense of party

Gigaburn - Powerful Fire-based spell, lowers magic effectiveness/resistance of party

Frozen Crack - Powerful Ice-based spell, lowers attack power of party

Dragon Roar - hits party for light physical damage and lowers hit and evade rates

Fury Fang - bites a party member, causing some physical damage.

Crosswind - hits party for light magical damage

Flare - Dragon Emperor's strongest attack. Hits party for non-elemental massive magical damage.


"It does not matter in the end. Feast your eyes on the dawning of a new age as I become a god!"
—The Dragon Lord as he prepares to absorb the Sword of Mana.
"Ha! The power of the destroyed Benevodons was absorbed by the sword, corrupting it beyond recognition. Now that power is mine!"
—The Dragon Lord after absorbing the Sword of Mana.
"I see that you are becoming weaker and weaker without the Tree of Mana. Understandable that faeries would perish with the tree since they are born with it. I will now bring havoc and ruin to the world and usher in a new age of darkness with me as the supreme god! Muwahahaha!"
—The Dragon Lord after having destroyed the Mana Tree.
"Come to and face me and meet your deaths, not unlike the last that challenged me. Prince Richard and the Knight of Gold ... I believe they had a faerie with them as well. That Knight dealt me painful, crippling injuries ... but I have recovered, and grown stronger..."
—The Dragon Lord as he prepares to transform. (fan translation)
"Muwahahaha! This is the form of your new ruling god! Kneel and pray for a swift demise! You will all be sacrificed to me!"
—The Dragon Lord after assuming his final form.
"Pitiful! You have no chance! You cannot win without the Sword of Mana! It is over! Accept defeat!"
—The Dragon Lord as the heroes prepare to face off against him in the final battle after Faerie has healed them all.

Circle of Mana[]

Rank Image Classes Quote
SSUR SSUR 0437.jpg SSUR 0438.jpg SSUR 0439.jpg SSUR 0440.jpg 古の竜


  • Even without the power of the Sword of Mana and the Benevodons, the Dragon Lord is still hinted to be an enormously powerful being. He was stated to have single-handedly destroyed an entire kingdom even though he was injured, and he gave immense magical power to Crimson Wizard, who couldn't even use magic beforehand. Also, in Heroes of Mana, the Dragon Lord has the third highest HP in the game, and the highest attack power. The Goddess also apparently considered him dangerous enough to send a faerie to aid Richard and Loki.

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