Domperi TOM
(Don Pérignon in the fan translation) is a non-player character in Trials of Mana. A sage of the koropokkur tribe, Donperi was responsible for planning an attack on the Dragon Lord that resulted in the villain's defeat at the hands of Loki.


Chapter IIEdit

The acting chancellor of Laurent advises the heroes to speak with Donperi in devising a plan to retake the kingdom from Nevarl. Koropokkurs, however, have a strong distaste for bigger folk, so the party must shrink to their size if they are to meet with him. After picking up the legendary Minor Mallet, they set off for the Rabite Forest to find an archway leading to the Koropokkur Woods. An elderly figure greets them there, taken aback by the strong odor the party gives off. The hero decides to fib their way out of this first discussion, then explains their conundrum metaphorically. The elder also lies, saying that to find Donperi, the party will have to search the village. They find Donperi in a clearing, who then instantly calls their bluff before advising them to seek out Sylphid in order to retake the Citadel.


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