Legend of Mana HD -11 - Diddle's Letter l PSone Classics

Legend of Mana HD -11 - Diddle's Letter l PSone Classics

Diddle's Letter is an Event in Legend of Mana.

Event Details Edit

In Domina, Diddle remembers that he wants to send a letter and he heads off from the park to Domina's outskirts. Capella is eventually bothered after Diddle's absence before he decides to head to look for Diddle.

Soon, the player finds him questioning Miss Yuka about the whereabouts of Diddle. She says that she doesn't know because she doesn't fly. Capella mistakes her as a chicken, which she insists she is a canary. She suggests that the Pelican might be responsible for Diddle's absence and Capella heads off to the outskirts.

At the outskirts, Capella suggests that Diddle might have stuck a letter on his face by accident and is whisked off by the Pelican. He does the same as a scenario, and he too was mistook for mail and the Pelican whisked him off to Luon Highway.

The player heads off to Luon Highway to search for the duo. Eventually, they come across a letter belonging to Diddle at the Fork, and Capella reaches there as well. Capella reads Diddle's letter. He dashes off in worry and eventually comes across Diddle at the caves. He passes the letter back to Diddle. Diddle begins to suspect that Capella has read his letter. Capella lies that he didn't read Diddle's letter, prompting Diddle to ask the player whether Capella is telling the truth.

If the player chooses to tell Diddle the truth, Diddle is upset that Capella lied before he runs to the caves and Capella chases after him.

If the player chooses to lie along with Capella, Diddle is relieved that Capella didn't read his letter before he decides to head back out of the highway, along with Capella. However, upon reaching the entrance, Diddle asks once again whether Capella has read the letter. Capella gives in and tells Diddle the truth. Diddle claims that he isn't mad at Capella for reading his letter, but at Capella not telling him earlier before he leaves.

In either route, Capella is seen panicking at one area of the caves, unable to find Diddle but a monster. The player soon defeats the Giga Rex living in the caves. Capella asks whether they saw Diddle, but is surprised to see Diddle coming from the other path.

Diddle wonders why Capella is here. Capella tells him furiously that he was searching for him. Diddle recalls that he wanted to find Capella to apologize to him for his temper earlier and asks Capella whether they could be friends again. Capella says that they won't be friends again because they're already friends before he heads off. Diddle begins to head off with Capella, but stops momentarily to pass a Gator Skin to the player as a reward.

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