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Dervish (デルヴィッシュ, Deruvisshu?), also known as Enlightened, is a recurring class in the Mana series.

Full description[]

“Having come to realization of the undisputed truth of the grueling and extreme nature of the heart of the fight and all conflict, the Dervish has combined martial arts skill and raw, brute strength with the teachings of removing oneself from one's emotions, attaining peak mastery with unflinching prowess and a mind incapable of distraction. Taught to remove their attachments and objections from the consequences of battle and to steel themselves to the core, leaving their senses sharpened to their highest and shaping themselves to become veritable living weapons, the Dervish's methods sees them rush onto the border of life or death, and immediately shatters the tension that had flared up in a split second with the annihilation of the enemy with absolute skill and precise attacks powerful enough to render foes in pieces. Legends tell of their coming signaling omens of strife and carnage as its heralds, their fighting prowess witnessed to be like that of a dance on the battlefield dashing them in blood like a petal blown field of wildflowers, and illuminated in the flames of war, raging about as storms of sublimed fury whose ways of the fist is powerful enough to change the world with every quaking blow.”
Seiken Densetsu 3 Official Guide and Prologue Books

  • Fan translated Name: Dervish
  • Name: Enlightened


Trials of Mana[]

See Enlightened (Trials of Mana)

The Dervish class is the Dark-Light job branch of the Grappler class for Kevin. The Dervish comes to bear the highest well rounded stat growth out of the rest of the "master" martial arts classes, and uses this in turn with Moon Saber for the purpose of non stop long enduring brutalizing of the opposing side. While supremely powerful, its downside is that attainment of this class at its best demands patience and hard work to fully realize, requiring an investment of time to ensure its optimal peak growth to level up, and to time quests at night to take advantage of Kevin's werewolf form.

Sword of Mana[]

Requirements: Monk Type 20 + Random Type 10 + Magician Type 5

  • Dervish
  • Knucks attack +30
  • Moon MagAtk +10

Heroes of Mana[]

Neck #21 Mage Wolf (魔狼のくびわ)
HP +90, bonus effects
Cancels charm and blindness.
A necklace once worn by a Dervish.


Dervishes are members of a monastic order in Islamic mysticism (Sufism), who often choose a life of poverty in the pursuit of connection with Allah (God). They are also noted for their use of ritual dance as a reminder (dhikr) of their relationship to Allah, hence the expression "whirling dervish". Dervishes are believed to possess the power to perform miracles among other supernatural qualities.